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Stuff I found while looking around

– Gorgeous and inspiring photography of home decor, both interior and exterior. – 100 Abandoned Houses. Haunting. – Populaire, “a hand-drawn font that mimics true handcrafted lettering.” I’ve already bought a copy and can’t wait to play around. – Bill Murray: “I mean that there’s…

October 14, 2011


1. Salad bowl and servers 2. Grey Nixon salt & pepper shakers 3. Graphite dinnerware 4. Tons of Taste Measuring Cups 5. Polaris Glassware 16-pc. Set 6. Now Designs Set of 3 Floursack Towels 7. Apple and Pear Pinch bowls 8. Modern Classic Thermal Carafe

I see you!

Yesterday the weather was so phenomenal that Marlo spent a good half hour running up and down the driveway in her bare feet. And she acted as if it was the most exciting ride at Six Flags. Why did evolution take this wonder away from…