Farm Anatomy

My love for artist Julia Rothman pretty much knows no bounds (see her Daydream wallpaper, her hand-silkscreened pillows, her stylish magnets, and a collector’s mug). So you can imagine the squeal I produced when I saw this book: Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life.

Julia grew up in New York while her husband Matt grew up on a farm in Iowa “doing all kinds of chores: collecting eggs, chopping logs, shoveling manure, walking beans.” This illustrated glossary of life on a farm was a way for Julia to better understand Matt’s roots. She dissects everything from tractors to feeders to chicken coops. I actually referenced the book to determine whether or not the eggs in our fridge were too old to be safe to eat.

It’s a glorious celebration of life in the country, one that I can enjoy not only by myself but also with my kids. Also, holy god, the amount of work that went into this book. BOGGLING.