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Fever, chills, and masculine bedding

Today is the third day in a row where I feel like I am swallowing razors, but Dr. Google assures me that this isn’t strep throat. I assessed all my symptoms, and what I’m experiencing is most likely just some virus and I’m not about…

May 23, 2012

Shades of brown

The once young, punk rock puppy is settling into his old age with a marked sense of calm and tenderness. And yet, as demonstrated here, he will always be alert enough to know when you’re talking about him.


I took this photo last week with my phone from the window of the cab I took from JFK into New York City. I had to zoom in pretty far, and the resulting photo came out looking like a painting. I couldn’t be happier with…

Paradise Palms

I would last about four seconds in those shoes before I yanked one off and used it to bludgeon a fashion magazine. Blouse: H&M Palm tree skirt: ASOS Heels: ASOS Clutch: Clare Vivier Sunnies: House of Harlow Metal bracelets: ASOS Cage ring: ASOS Nail polish:…