Back to school

It should come as no surprise that my oldest child — she who would not touch grass for the first three years of her life — is somewhat picky about clothing, where somewhat is changed in meaning to “the most possible ever you wouldn’t even believe.” She won’t wear tights or cute boots or anything in her hair that might apply pressure (no headbands, no bows, no hipster fedoras).

I have to keep this in mind when I shop for her back to school clothing because it limits the options. Everything has to be soft to the skin and versatile because she will wear the same things again and again, regardless of weather. No, Leta, you cannot wear those shorts, it’s 28 degrees outside and trust me. Frostbite is WAY worse than grass.

Here I put together a board of some of the basic things I’d consider for Leta going into this school year. Each of these items can be worn in both warm and cold weather if we layer and switch out where needed. Plus? Stripes. Apple did not fall far from the tree.

And yes, I know there is a lot of purple and pink here, but those are her two favorite colors. I am not one of those parents who tried to force her daughter to like gender-neutral colors. I mean, my god. I cannot get the kid to eat cake. I already know she’s got a mind of her own.

Metallic Snap Barrette set $5.50

Crew-Neck Applique Tees

Skinny Satin Sash $22

Old Navy Famous Jeans (Stitched Boot-Cut Jeans)

Toms Pink Youth Glitters $42

Circle notebook $14


Girls’ Long Sleeve Cropped V-neck Cardigan Sweater $35

Tiered-Ruffle Striped Dresses

Girls’ Suede Leather Skinny Belt $19

Toy Watch $52.20

‘Brooklynn’ Flat $29.99


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