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Hand-knit for winter

Jenny Rose is a 19-yr-old self-taught knitter working toward a degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development. For someone who lives in the warm clutches of Florida, she sure knows how to make someone in Utah feel a whole lot better about the onset of colder weather by reminding me that this is the season of layering. So she’s talented and generous and only 19. I bet she smells good, too. UGH!

1. Autumn Inspired Cowl/Hood $32

2. The Manhattan Cowl Hand Knit in Seafoam Wool Blend $50

3. The Mini Cowl in Charcoal Wool Blend $45

4. The Drop Stitch Cowl Hand Knit in Apricot Wool Blend $45

5. The Manhattan Cowl Hand Knit in Emerald Wool Blend $45

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