the smell of my desperation has become a stench


Yeah, I know. I have enough coffee table books to whack an army of home intruders over the head. No, I don’t own a gun, don’t believe in the right to own a gun, and just think about it for a second. You shoot a home intruder and you have to clean that shit up. No thank you.

This one is a collection of some of interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s most bold and over the top designs, and when it comes to Kelly Wearstler, over the top means the volcano erupted and lava hit the dark side of the moon.

I’m drawn to her style like I am to the fashion of women who can pull off the most outrageous outfits. She combines patterns and textures and color that should not ever be paired together, and yet the result it always sophisticated, always jaw-dropping, always Wearstler. You would never walk into a room she’s designed and doubt that she was the one responsible. It’s full of inspiration and more color than is safe for someone suffering a hangover, so be careful. Maybe grab a pair of sunglasses before you open the cover and stop doing tequila shots like you’re still in college, Brandon.

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