the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Carolyn and Lem

This is Carolyn, my mother’s best friend since…? Forever? That’s her husband Lem. They live in Nashville and every summer and Christmas we’d drive up from Memphis and stay with them for a week or so. Those visits to Nashville are probably the best memories of my childhood. Carolyn always kept a box of Lucky Charms in her cupboard for me and a jar of M&M’s on her countertop. I loved the smell of their house, the comfort the sight of it brought me, and I especially loved that they had MTV. CONTRABAND MUSIC VIDEOS!

I haven’t seen these guys in more than 20 years, and when they stopped by on Saturday Chuck snuggled right up under Lem’s legs. Like he knew how significant these wonderful people were in my upbringing. A Chuck snuggle is the highest compliment.

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