the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Clearing off some cluttered countertops

When we returned from Minnesota on Sunday evening the kitchen countertops immediately filled to overflowing with items from backpacks and handbags and luggage. I’m on the 18th load of laundry at this point and slowly climbing out of the mess, wondering how in the world we managed to get so much stuff there and back. I prefer a tidy space because my brain is free to think of more important things than trying to find the car keys underneath three different phone cords, a battery charger, a package of wipes and a week’s worth of unopened mail. Daydreaming of having it all cleaned up.

1. Himalayan Pink Salt $9.99

2. Smoked Black Pepper $18

3. Acacia Salt and Pepper Keeper $11.99

4. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons $7.55

5. 3-Tier Wire Hanging Vegetable and Fruit Basket $14.89

6. Dotty Apron $38

7. Rubber Coated Soap Pump $3.86

8. Welcome Serving Bowl $19.97

9. Bürstenhaus Redecker Dish Brush $4.95

10. Bite On Time Kitchen Timer $11.99

11. ZZ House Plant $3.13

12. The Kinfolk Table $24.26

13. Bürstenhaus Redecker Pots Brush $5.95

14. French Kitchen Paper Towel Holder $19.95

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