the smell of my desperation has become a stench

A view from the top of the ride

Sunday afternoon Stacia and her boys picked up me and my girls and we headed back to Snowbird for some potential fun in the mountains. Unfortunately there is a festival going on and the place was jam-packed, mostly adults who were a little tipsy on beer. The lines for the rides were hours long, and even in the few weeks since we were there the temperature has dropped significantly.

And we were unprepared.

And grumpy.

And spiraling into a mess of “we will never get to the front of this line and I have to do homework again and practice piano and I’m never going to be able to memorize that concerto and life is so hard and it will never be easy again.” Luckily I had packed snacks so I pulled one out every few spirals and said, “Put this in your mouth.”

I took this photo while on the Mountain Coaster, so we did, in fact, make it to the front of the line. And afterward life was the best it had ever been. For a few minutes.

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