Big ole happy Mormon family

Well, I made good on the threat to show up to my sister’s house yesterday wearing a University of Utah t-shirt. And my mother being the evil tool of Lucifer that she is had bought both of my children BYU shirts for them to change into when they got there (Marlo’s is a kids’ pink BYU soccer jersey). Leta seemed very worried that I might be mad that she was wearing a shirt celebrating such an abhorrent institution, so I assured her, “Listen, I’m not mad. This is all in fun.”

“Oh, I’m not worried,” she responded, a little surprised by my statement. “You may not be mad at me, but everyone else here is mad at you!

She may have moved her neck a little too rhythmically to that statement. No idea who taught her that.

Thanks so much to this wonderful family of mine, for the food (my pot of boiling water was a hit with everyone!) and conversation (love is gravity and operates outside of time, thank you Christopher Nolan) and excellent company. Hewwwwwww! That stuffing was good!

(And many thanks to this guy for taking the photo)