Apartment Therapy

A bathroom upgrade

I’ve recently been going through an organizing frenzy and over the weekend emptied my bathroom of two tons of hair and body products. You guys, I could have stocked an entire Bath and Body Works with the amount of lotion I had stacked in piles underneath my sink. I could have moisturized the skin of the occupancy of a football stadium. What am I doing? Why am I hoarding lotion? When the apocalypse happens and we all have to hunker down, my dry skin is going to be so grateful for this disorder.

What I did keep I stashed in pretty little jars and containers, all my q-tips, cotton balls and mouthwash. I also saw this tip on Apartment Therapy about hanging fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus from the shower head. The aroma is totally divine and makes my bathroom feel like a spa, and it’s made my daily grooming routine so much less tedious. In fact, it now feels luxurious. I gathered some little things that you can use in your bathroom to help create the same atmosphere. Note: it was very hard not to include seventeen different bottles of lotion. Behold my restraint.

1. Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush $10

2. Dark Amber Apothecary Glass Bottle $4.55

3. The Chemist’s Jar $28

4. Apothecary Glass Bottle $5.85

5. Preserved Eucalyptus Branches $10.99

6. Sea Vegetable Lush Soap $7.95

7. 4040 Locust Bath Mat $24

8. Sherlock Bathroom Spray $14

9. Dune Striped Hand Towel $10

10. Marvis Jasmine Mint Toothpaste $11

11. Swissco Sea Wool Natural Bath Sponge $14.99

12. Honey I Washed The Kids Lush Soap $7.95

13. La Compagnie de Provence Marseilles Wild Rose Soap $26