Reading nook

First: please ignore the wall color. And the trim color. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE.

I did not have time to paint any walls before I moved in, so I have to live with the color that is there until I have the time to break out drop cloths and paintbrushes. Yes, it resembles a poopy yellow you might find in a newborn’s diaper. Yes, it looks like it might smell rancid. But the good news is I don’t have cancer and I’m not dying. I think I can deal with it.

I’ve had to take the furniture from the old house and find new places for it here. The wingback chair used to sit in the study, but now it fits into a corner of my bedroom. The side table used to be in the playroom, and the accessories on it used to be in the guest room. I still have my Loobylu dolls, Ava and Molly, dolls I have never let Marlo touch because they are keepsakes.

That was until yesterday. Yesterday she followed me into my room and headed straight for the dolls. I made a, “Nuh uh,” noise and she interrupted me with, “Mom, I will be stho stho sthoft with the dollsth. Stho stho sthoft. I promisth. K? K? K?” And I couldn’t resist her.

Seriously, every diplomatic negotiation should be made by someone with a dimple and a lisp. We’d achieve world peace in about four seconds.