Style for your butt

Pay no attention to the price of these chairs. This is all about shape and style and inspiration, not consumption. I have had my head buried in email and spreadsheets for the last three days and needed some thoughtless distraction, so I went looking at my favorite piece of furniture: the chair. UGHHHH. That sounded so pretentious.

“That caviar is not good enough unless it was imported from Russia on a private jet whose interior is lined entirely with fur.”

I could look at chairs all day, is that better? Whenever I get a catalog for a furniture store in the mail I flip right to the “seating” portion of the program and stare at the chairs. There are specific lines to various arms and backs that I find simultaneously soothing and artistic, like I’d be sitting inside a detailed oil painting.

Thank you, chairs, for this momentary break from paperwork.

1. Jetson Armchair $734.99

2. Georgia Velvet Swivel Chair $1,899

3. Metal Hanging Chair by Deco 79 $412.49

4. Reclaimed Crusoe Accent Chair $319.99

5. Elena Arm Dining Chair $169.99

6. Kantha Butterfly Chair $179

7. Super Impossible Chair by Kartell $520

8. Frome Leather Club Chair $2,999

9. Quinn Swoop Arm Velvet Chair $339

10. Side Shell by Modernica $299

11. Aegis Accent Chair by Lexmod $164.40

12. Transmit Modern Folding Chair by Lexmod $101.56

13. McKenna Accent Chair $1,699

14. Kings Grant Chair $2,299

15. Berkshire Handmade Dining Chair by Sentient $840