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– Nabil Nezzar’s “Hommes”

– Yes, I’m Paleo but I remember distinctly how annoying it was when my doughnut was stripped of all its joy

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

In Defense of Clair Huxtable and the Angry Black Woman in TV and Beyond:

More than all women, black women are rarely afforded space to express anger. When we are wronged and express our anger, we are dealt with and punished for expressing our frustrations….One letter went as far as characterizing me as a “finger-waving, hand-clapping bitch who just set my cause back decades.” It was that moment that taught me as never before that no matter how successful I am, no matter how articulate, no matter what I accomplish or acquire, that when I do not uphold the standards of respectability, I will be checked, punished and dismissed as an Angry Black Woman.

– Special effects supervisor Kevin Pike talks about the making of the opening shot of Back to the Future

– This is for my friend Tanya and her daughter Ally: One Republic’s “I Lived”

10 things you should never say to someone with bipolar disorder:

Referring to somebody as “bipolar” sort of insinuates that the only thing this person is is an illness. Their entire entity is just a disease. My surname is Parkinson so, can we not add to this, please?

Rather, I think it is more polite to say someone “has bipolar” than “is bipolar”. You wouldn’t say that somebody “was cancer”. You wouldn’t say: “This is Maya. She is diabetes.” But people will talk of someone “being bipolar”.

Anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam speaks out about a report in Newsweek alleging that she had fabricated her her life story:

“I didn’t lie,” Mam says when I ask about the allegations. So why did she remain silent? The global news cycle demands responses, I tell her. “I was not silent. I had so many lives to fix,” she says, referring to the girls in her care. As the crisis grew, Mam says, she needed to reassure them. “For me, it’s not about fighting with everyone,” she says. “My priority was the girls. That’s not silence.”

– Infographic: How Designer Dogs Are Made

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– I want to be this kid when I grow up.

– The portfolio of caricature illustrator Rodney Pike

“Beyond the Friend Zone”


Top 10 Makeup Transformations In Movies


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