My village

Last week the girls were out of school half a day on Thursday and then all day on Friday. My mother kindly stepped up to watch them on Friday given that I had no childcare lined up and took them to DI, the Utah equivalent of Goodwill, and let them go wild with about five bucks apiece. This princess dress wasn’t hard to find, but Marlo scoured the costume section, climbing up and in and out of racks until she found this sequined scarf that she has been wearing nonstop ever since:

My mom and stepfather stepped in to do this with no hesitation… and here is where I need to thank both them and my cousin who watched the girls every second that I was away in Haiti. Thank you mom, Rob, and Kenzie for being my village. You and the other members of this team (shout out to Kelli, Mariah, Meredith, Dane and Tyrant) make it possible for me to do my job, assisting not only in the colorful and cultured upbringing of my girls but also in enabling me to grow my business and serve those organizations who are doing such important work in places that need it so desperately.

Thank you, team. Next time we huddle the chant will be for each of you individually.