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– One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram: halno

– The Illustrated guide to facial hair

12 Old Words that survived by getting fossilized in idioms

– This shouldn’t be as funny as it is, but I’m still laughing: The Worst Movie Dads Ever

– And now I can’t stop crying: A tale of two dads

Hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne

The Names Of “Game Of Thrones” Characters according to someone’s dad

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Transit Maps

Caffeine withdrawal now classified as a mental disorder

Bluthfighter – The Arrested Development Fighting Game

15 reader-designed covers for classic books

The Awful Truth About Jogging:

“In all the discussing we have done about running this year on my profile, how did NOBODY inform me that when you start distance training you will be consumed with the constant fear that you are going to poop yourself?”

– Hear Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ go back (and forward) in time

Twitter illustrated

– A look at the iconic Superman “S” through the years

– Oh, hell yes: Australian Army Chief Demonstrates How to Properly Confront Sex Abuse

At The Movies, The Women Are Gone:

I want to stress this again: In many, many parts of the country right now, if you want to go to see a movie in the theater and see a current movie about a woman — any story about any woman that isn’t a documentary or a cartoon — you can’t. You cannot. There are not any. You cannot take yourself to one, take your friend to one, take your daughter to one.

– What kind of guy says, “Make me a sandwich bitch”? This kind.

Dogs vs. Citrus

– Patrick Stewart tweeted this photo of himself.

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