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– The Big Picture:

2013 Year in Pictures, Part I
2013 Year in Pictures, Part II
2013 Year in Pictures, Part III

– WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT: Federal judge strikes down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage

– If you’re cynical you’ll think this is totally manipulative, but maybe grow a heart:
2013, What Brought Us Together

The Dinosaur Pet Guide, informing you on the pleasures and pitfalls of today’s common dinosaurian pets

– Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2013

– Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks of 2013

– The Morning News: Top Albums of 2013

An Illustrated 2013

Everyone Knows Heartbreak. That Doesn’t Make It Any Less Devastating:

So I think yes, we do survive breakups and divorces. Among the most important things we endeavor to do over the course of our lives is love other people, and so it follows that what can fuck us up the most is whether those fucks actually love us back. This drama is far more likely to shape you, fuck with you, keep you up at night, keep you in bed in the morning, make you crazy, rock your world, devastate you and spur you to do some of the greatest/worst things you’ll ever do, more than most anything else you’ll experience.

– Utah is on track to end homelessness by 2015 with this one simple idea

– Christmas morning through the eyes of a few famous film directors

Walter White Christmas

– Santa inserted into great masterworks of art

Duck Dynasty, first amendment rights, and Christian values:

Not to mention, the subtext of his remarks is that black people nowadays are entitled, unGodly, discontented welfare recipients. So when I see people as “standing with Phil” based on their Christian values, I really have to ask . . . how does an apologist for our country’s ugly Jim Crow legacy represent Christian values?

– So uncomfortable yet so hysterical: the perfect solution to obnoxiously loud public cellphone conversations

Five lies you were told about grief:

The truth is there are losses you never get over. They break you to pieces and you can never go back to the original shape you once were, and so you will grieve your own death with that of your beloved lost.

Your grief is your love, turned inside-out. That is why it is so deep. That is why it is so consuming. When your sadness seems bottomless, it is because your love knows no bounds.

– Portions of 2013 resembled this a little too closely.

– 22 kickass queer women who came out in 2013, HELLO JULY!

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: