I put my hand up on your hip

Time again for me to look for a new iPhone case as the one I currently use has been scraped, dropped, scratched, grated, chafed, and smudged with all the substances that accompany little children. I just googled “how dirty is a cell phone” and I found more than one study that says it has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. Excuse me while I never call or text anyone ever again.

1. Elago Matrix Case $12.99

2. Kate Spade Cake For Breakfast Case/Charger Combo $120

3. Nasty Gal Sweet Talk Case $20

4. Jordan Carlyle Yang Case $35

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Faceted Case $40

6. Ban.Do Case $25

7. Star Gazer Case $32

8. Corners4 Case $40

9. White Marble Case $19.99

10. Elago Genuine Leather Case $24.99

11. Agate Case $23.95

12. J. Crew Bonjour Case $14.99

13. Kate Spade Scallop Case $35

14. Nasty Gal Pineapple Case $20