I have gifted my cousin a set of grandparents

Yesterday my cousin Kenzie came up with her daughter Maeve to watch the girls for a few hours so that I could finish up a project. When I mentioned that Kenzie would be visiting over the weekend both girls shouted in unison, “TELL HER SHE HAS TO BRING HER BABY.” They were adamant. I never did mention this to Kenzie because whenever she helps out on the weekends she may want to use it as a break of her own, she may want to leave Maeve at home with her dad. My kids require a bit of attention, sure, but not like an 18-month old who is not satisfied until she has tried to climb every vertical object in the house.

Also, it’s like my kids have turned into grandparents: “Sure, you’re special and I like you, but now that you have procreated you don’t serve any purpose other than bringing me that child.”