office supplies

This is my Christmas list

Every year as I’m buying back to school supplies for the kids there is always at least one item on their list that can only be found in the “office supply” section of the store. And I, Heather Armstrong, am to office supplies as a moth is to a flame. You know those huge ball pits in kids’ play areas at fast food restaurants? I want one I cam jump into, but it’s filled with a million different types of paperclips.

I have to resist shoving my shopping cart full of file folders, notebooks, highlighters, and label makers. It never hurts to leave with a few new things to brighten up the place where the majority of my day is spent, and my god, I want to design my whole office around that lamp.

1. Nate Berkus Canvas Nesting Box $12.99

2. CB2 Paperclip Ruler $12.95

3. CB2 Gold Tip Fox Paperclip Holder $19.95

4. Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Tone Stapler $31.01

5. Kate Spade Thermal Mug $31.88

6. Anthropologie Slip-On Calculator $28

7. CB2 Papier Basket $19.95

8. Iron Utility Scissors $18

9. CB2 Balance Rose Gold Letter Holder $9.95

10. CB2 Cement Catchall $7.95

11. Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips $14.96

12. Fellowes Letter Tray $5.41

13. Conran Beep Table Lamp $260