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New tricks

Chuck has been getting a little mischievous lately, purposefully lifting his leg to mark things in the house for no other reason than he’s an asshole. We decided to try out these KONG Stuff-A-Ball dog toys, and by we I mean Dane since he’s pretty much their pack leader now. You shove biscuits and other treats in to the crevices and the center part and they have to figure out how to get them out. This gives their brain a little workout, and we’re hoping that in addition to their usual daily walks that things like this will redirect his assholery.

So far they haven’t destroyed these, but they are only about two weeks old. Still, two weeks is a pretty good run around here. We’re having a lot of luck with dog toys this month. Albeit in exchange for pee on the cabinets in the kitchen and all over the leg of my desk.

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