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I am headed to San Francisco for three days of meetings and thought I’d get in this week’s link roundup before I left. I will hopefully be able to update some photos while I’m there. (Oh look. There’s a bridge outside a window in this conference room. And pretty finger food. And fancy carpet tiles. Would you look at the faucets in this restroom? And these pens? Look at these pens.) Otherwise, I’ll see you when I return.


– Photos: Six Million Displaced by War in Syria

60 years in five minutes: “I attempted to create a person in order to emulate the aging process. The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself.”

– Guys with fancy lady hair

– This is your future Batman as directed by Paul Thomas Anderson for SNL in 2000.

I Forgot My Phone

Man Puts Glass Of Water On Bedside Table In Case He Needs To Make Huge Mess In Middle Of Night

– Thank god I work form home. Thank god I work from home. Thank god I work from home.

10 Situations Only Mormons Would Understand

To my daughter’s high school programming teacher:

While I was attending SC ’12 in Salt Lake City last November, my daughter emailed to tell me that the boys in her class were harassing her. “They told me to get in the kitchen and make them sandwiches,” she said.

“In Xanadu”: Heroin Users Revisit Where They Overdosed

— AHHHHHH! The new single “Reflecktor” from Arcade Fire

Collaborating with a 4-year Old:

Later, I would show her what I had done with our drawings–the painting and coloring.  She seemed to critique them pretty harshly.  “That’s silly, mama.”  or “you put WATER behind her?”  But for the most part, she enjoyed them.  I enjoyed them.  I LOVE them.

Uncanny Aerial and Fashion Photography Mashups by Joseph Ford

Why Do Tennis Players Say “Come On!” So Much?

Light in the Attic – An album made out of 35 Shel Silverstein poems

– How to survive a lightning strike

– The first 15 seconds of this video right here

– For the nerds: If Middlemarch Were Written In Emojis

Everyday Clothes Carved Out of Marble

A few of my favorite recent tweets: