tan lines

New Tunes – Tanlines

These guys are an electronic/indie duo (Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm, heavily referencing the Eighties) from Brooklyn and they recently released their first album back in March. The song “Nonesuch” is the closing track and my favorite of all eleven, and not just because it is so achingly beautiful. You can hear so many influences going on in just one song: Tears for Fears, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Thompson Twins, even early Janet Jackson (think “Let’s Wait Awhile”), and yet it’s updated and totally fresh.

Put on your sunglasses, roll down the windows, turn this song on as loud as it will go and head straight into the fading light of dusk.

Never know who you are
You’re so unsettled now
When you get what you want
It’ll all be better no doubt
… it’ll all be better