• http://http://www.daniasdailies.com Dania

    Honest to god, Tide-it will tone it down A LOT and fast instead of waiting..

  • Chip Tijuana

    Atleast you’re not a bald free mason.

  • Eddy

    Christine has obviously not seen me waking up at 6am to straighten my wife’s hair because she has to go somewhere.

  • http://www.dennis.ca/weblog dennis

    Kath: Wooo!! ;-)

  • Anonymous


  • http://tellinglies.org/nomad Ohad

    Dying a woman’s hair?
    No thanks, this is WAY out of our leauge…

  • http://www.littlefrustrations.com amber

    if it’s grocery store bought permanent, it’ll probably wash out in about a week or so, or at least lighten up. try using some of that neutrogena shampoo that strips everything out of your hair, and wash it about twenty times. Or, buy another brown and dye over it again. it really won’t damage your hair that bad. although i bleach mine, so what do i know about damage!

    just be glad it didn’t turn sewer green – that’s another lovely variation that those browns tend to do sometimes.

    ps. i loved the chart. very informative.

  • http://bicoastal.com bi coastal

    i’m more intersted in the guys you dated . the haircolor can always be changed