• http://www.beatnikpad.com/ Neil

    I always have believed that you cannot trust a person who doesn’t think that farts are at least a teensy bit funny. The only thing you could have done to make this post even funnier (for me, at any rate) is if somewhere in the post you referred to flugelhorns.

    Oh, and people who rewrite other people’s posts for some unbeknownst reason need to be smacked upside the head with a ripe tuna.


  • PJ

    Neil, I totally agree with ya, nomeisayin? I currently have, as I type, ten (count’em ten) 10 & 11 year old boys at my house for my son’s b-day party. I think I have heard every fart/poop joke ever so far (and it’s still fairly early, they will be up all night). They still make me laugh. One word to go with flugelhorn: Lederhosen. Hey, Dooce, I’m lovin th e PiCass__ o -esC neice. How’s she doing?

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    I think you’re an incredible woman. Funny, witty, and intelligent. My three favourites. I found your site by chance(thank gawd) and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your stories. You have made me laugh and chuckle many many times so far. Thanks.

  • http://gettothechoppa.blogspot.com Amy

    The funniest thing to do is get on chat rooms with old people in them, namely the Family Feud chat room, and talk to them about poop and farts. They get SO mad its hilarious. Not quite as hilarious as this post though.

  • The Critic

    I think Schnoop is desperate to be funny so he re-writes someone’s humourous tale and hopes that everyone will declare him funnier than Dooce. Not gonna happen. Ebonics suck ass. Learn to speak a real language you gargantuan putz.

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~chrismohan/ Chrismo

    LIke the story; like yr site. I stumbled onto your site while searching for the word “Bootyliscious.” A friend of mine owns a bookstore and much to the chagrin of his salesgirl, he calls her bootyliscious. So after contemplating the word and determining that its a pretty cool phrase, I found yr pretty cool site. THanks

  • http://www.hippycrites.com/critical/ Aimee

    oh, the best thing to do is try to read this aloud to someone. it’s best to share such delight.

  • MC Vanilla Gorilla

    It’s about time we start acknowledging the things that go on in restrooms. Be comfortable with yourself, and get your feet up for leverage!

  • http://www.mandarindesign.com/blogger.html meg

    Laughing here, but even funnier when I see how many people read this and commented on farts!
    And I came here (first time visitor) from a fart link?

  • http://www.aubreysabala.com aubs

    Ok, you totally just described what I call the “pooping stalemate.” That is, when
    you’re at work, #2 is imminent, and you are in the midst of your business and someone walks in. You know they know what you’re doing, they know what you’re doing, and the two of you are sitting it out, trying to embarrass neither one of you. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, someone makes a run for it, flushes, bypasses the hand wash and gets the heck out of dodge before the other person can identify you and your, um, natural body issues and subsequent embarrassment.