• http://appleshell.blogspot.com AppleShell

    If my ex had email, I would totally forward this to him in a heartbeat. That good for nothin, golf playing, pussy!

  • http://www.eddoandco.com eddeaux

    Tortoise- ew. What if you said “do you wanna make out” and he said yes? Then you would have to punch him in the face- or make out. that makes me want to puke stomach fluid.

  • http://www.undermine.net/tracy tracy

    What’s with the rash of rudeness lately? Christ, people, if you don’t like it, deal.

    Martha Stewart brought good taste to Kmart; that’s an act worthy of sainthood in my eyes.

  • J

    “Golf is for pussies” is so typical of a French Connection (fcuk) t-shirt. Y’know, the ones that have really cool tags like: “cool as fcuk”; “what the fcuk are you looking at?”; “Fcukiki beach” and my personal favorite “Fcuking Kinky”.
    Stop sniggering. I’m Catholic *gasp* and this is as risque as it gets for me! :)

  • tombox

    Where is Utah anyway?

  • chuck

    This site could use some photos or other graphical support material.

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2003/05/18/fashion/18BLOG.html nytimes

    dooce: blog icon?

  • http://tivo.weaknees.com Michael

    Yeah — the kids comment is right on. People that you don’t ever want to talk to at all start inviting you to their house for “playdates” where the kids have fun while you’re in hell. All because the kids are so happy to play with each other.

    I think kids and dogs are the same in this regard: if you put them together, they’ll play together. So visit your friends who have dogs (or kids) and stay away from the stinky dog parks.

  • tim

    Yeah Heather! New York Times, baby!

  • http://www.blogherald.com duncan

    Show me the dog :-)

  • http://catchingon.net/ Jason

    The New York Times… Impressive!