Champagne! For lunch!

  • Sam

    Funny how you have absolutely no problem with people donating money or sending you things, yet you get upset at unsolicited advice. If you didn’t like the attention, good or bad, you would have blocked your email long ago.

  • Kris

    Damn. DAMN. Last time I tell anybody about stuffing a Kong.

  • Regan

    Just in case you scroll down this far, I saw this page and thought of you.

    not the dull part – I love your site, just the cowbell part!

  • Regan
  • Rabooka

    Sorry, no more tips. Just thought I was being helpful.

  • Brochstar

    2 Cents…. ’nuff said.

  • Dan

    Were you perchance visiting Philly and had that new $100.00 cheesesteak available at the steakhouse that just opened? The recommend the champagne to drink.

  • Dan

    err…I mean “They recommend the champagne to drink.”

  • Gia on Guam

    Regan: Great site. I’ve got more cowbell !

  • Micki

    for the record I (emphasis on “I”) offered no unsolicited advice … *preen* … I (emphasis on “I”) offered POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. ahem.

  • Anne

    Ever since Dr. Phil got his own show, everyone’s an expert.

    My dog acted like an ass pre-baby and acted like a real ass post-baby. So I told a rescue group I was going to put him down (a desperate lie) so they’d find him a loving new home where his ass-ness would be received with open arms. Imagine the email you’d get if you did such an awful thing like that.

    Of course, I had to acknowledge the fact that if my adorable baby started acting like an ass, there was no getting rid of him like I did the dog.

  • whistlepunk

    We are your public and you love us. That’s why you talk the way you, and that’s why we talk back. Amen.

  • anon

    Anne is a heartless cow. Mouse needs to get a life.

  • hi

    that is very extravagant! You say dooce like deuce and the beach boys say deuce like (i’d say) dooce in their song deuce coup.

    That is a bizarre comment but you know, it’s what I thought of! And i’ll bet about 500 people go to download that now and see what i’m talking about…

  • di

    as I am nearly the 90th commenter on this photo page and i realize that most of the comments have nothing to do with champagne for lunch, i once again am thinking that a dooce discussion board would be nice. or a dooce groupie group on yahoo or something.


    that being said, i also realize that my comment has nothing to do with champagne for lunch.

  • ensie

    I just love that you specifically wrote a post about not wanting unsolicited advice, and then changed your FAQs page to that effect, and the comments page gets numerous pieces of unsolicited advice anyway.

  • Kate

    “I sometimes wake in the early morning & listen to the soft breathing of my children & I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret & I carry that quiet with me all day long.”
    ^ from

    Heather, I read that and for some reason, thought it applied quite well to you.

  • A N N A

    i second what Ensie said– they just beat me to it. dooce says she doesn’t want advice, oh well-intentioned humans. :)

    having scolded that, mmm, bubbly.

  • Carla Beth

    Why is one glass fuller than the other? Which one is yours? Tonight President Bush is staying at the Jacksonville Inn in Jacksonville, Oregon. The Inn serves complementary champagne with breakfast. The only reason I’m writing this is to show off my new understanding of the word ‘complementary’ versus ‘complimentary.’ How did I do?

  • midwifegoddessannie

    mouse is funny… just that he carnt fuccin spel.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry people are so stupid. Really. I apologize for all those unsolicited advice givers who can’t take a hint about you not wanting their bloody advice. I apologize on behalf of them because they are just THAT slow and they just DON’T GET IT.

    Love the picture – you capture the greatest perspectives.

  • Zaz

    Not advice. My dog and I traded tonsilitis back and forth one winter. He’d get it by pulling tissues out of the trash. I think I’d get it back when he slept on top of me. Or pinned me to the floor by my hair and washed my face. I should’ve had a trainer when he was young.

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Dooce will you give ME advice??!!?? ‘Cause you got it going on.

  • Peter Hentges

    I refrained from the unsolicited advice for precisely the reason you mentioned. I figured people would be getting, as you say, “all up in your ass” about the dog. I like the trick of yelling “NO!” at the thing Chuck was chewing; I hadn’t heard that one before and it makes a certain amount of dog-sense. Please keep on amusing us with your stories. We’ll keep reading. (And some of us well send unsolicited advice. Ignore them.)

  • DeAnn

    I don’t give unsolicited advice because you are so much wiser and smarter and prettier than me.

    Do I get brownie points or something for that response?

  • faith

    the colours in that photos are sooooo champagne! sophisticated smoooooth tones of brown and chocolate, I’m just lounging in lifestyle looking at it! (We drank champagne last night too beacause my son officially became an Australian, but we were drinking it in a much more common way, more fluro I think) I ADORE those colours!

  • kEma

    I aint going to advise you ON HOW TO TREAT YOUR GOD. Add ppl please stop doing it. Chuck is a happy dog, with wonderful ‘parents’. End of subject.

    Btw lovely picture :) )
    I just had some

  • whistlepunk


  • patti

    *sigh* 3 more months until I can enjoy champagne lunches again….

  • PoeticaL

    ahhh nice….I could use some of that.

  • beerzie yoink

    Goes great with chili dogs.

  • Daniel

    It isn’t just for breakfast anymore.


  • Emily

    Every day! Just think how HAPPY we would all be!

    Who was it who described champagne as “drinking the stars”?

  • Insanity Infusion

    With a teething baby of my own, I could use some of that right now and its just 9am…

  • Angie

    I keep ASKING them to provide champagne in the canteen at work, but they reckon 7-up is a good enough substitute!!

  • Lala Wawa

    Champagne for lunch, headache for dinner.

  • RandyRambunctious

    The sparkly and the bubbly…..

  • Stacy

    I just wanted to let you know about this stuff called Bitter Apple. Basically, you spray your dog’s mouth with it and he gets a bitter taste in his mouth thus learning never to do what he did again unless he wants to taste that nastiness again. I’ve only had to do it a few times why yelling “SPRAY!” and now all I have to say is SPRAY or even just bring the bottle out and he knows not to even think about going after the trash can again.

  • Mari

    I’m sure you’ll get lots of dog training advice for Chuck but I thought I’d add my two cents. With respect to the post about spraying bitter apple in chuck’s mouth, it doesn’t do any good to punish the dog after the fact. Chuck would have no idea why you were spraying something gross in his mouth and would probably just learn to avoid you. I think the idea of the bitter apple spray is to spray the *item* that the dog is chewing so that it’s no longer desirable to chew. Obviously that wouldn’t work with Leta’s toys since she’s sticking those things in her mouth too (image her indignant screams if that happened).
    I have a dog that likes to chew and the most effective thing we’ve found is just keeping tempting stuff out of her reach. Good luck!

  • dr. dave

    Pictures of booze?

    From the sound of hubby’s latest post, I assume this was taken during last night’s debate??

    (It was rum & coke for me.)

    dr. dave

  • Chanelbaby

    If a candidate ran on Champagne for Breakfast I would totally vote for her. It DOES go great with hot dogs. It goes great with sushi. It goes great with everything. And Emily, the dude who invented it said the thing about drinking stars. A monk. Rock on, monks.

  • Regan

    hooray for bubbly! what are we celebrating?

  • Heather

    I’ll second the Bitter Apple! We used it quite a few times the first year of our dog’s life, and haven’t had to use it in two years. All you do is show her the bottle, and she snaps right back into shape. Works like a charm!

  • kara

    soooo pretty…

    Regarding Senor Chuckles–you could try having a toy that is fun (like the puzzle ball that has treats inside) that only comes out when you guys leave. Given his love of treats, it just may work–or alternately it could frustrate the crap out of him b/c he can SMELL the treats but he can’t get to the treats.

  • Shiz

    Man, I wanna have lunch at your house!

  • Amy

    We used to have a chewing problem with our previous dog. We were also told by our vet (and an animal behavioral specialist–our dog had BIG-TIME issues) that you can’t punish a dog after the fact–they just don’t get it; you have to CATCH them in the act. Anyway, we never sprayed Bitter Apple in his mouth, but we sprayed it on the oh-so-delicious chair legs that he loved to gnaw. We also used baby gates a lot. (Guess those could serve a double purpose for you guys soon!)

    I love your website, by the way… so glad you write online. :)

  • Kitta

    Mmmmm, I could go for some champers right now. ;o)

  • Amy

    Oops, almost forgot–I also recommend the puzzle ball (called a Buster Cube, I think?) and a kong. Stuffed kongs are heaven for dogs, and ours gets one (filled with peanut butter) when we leave for work. Makes those heart-wrenching goodbyes a lot easier!

  • Zabe

    I have this littel game I play… “Guess-What-The-Dooce-Picture-Is-From-The-Thumbnail”….

    Today I guessed bongos!

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    i just buy white zinfandel at the 7-11 and shake it up really good.