Lil’ Peanut

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Oh, I am staying up way too late, but here is a great site for all parents or want to be parents. A home birth announcement.

    Beautiful. Hope you can hear the music.

  • lexagirl

    I think I just ovulated.
    What a cutie-patootie!

  • shy me

    OH! OH! SO CUTE!

  • MrsDoF

    Yes, indeed, *Harold and Maude* is a great one, although not for small children. The scene in the bathtub about did me in.

    I rented it last summer at the recommendation of a buddy who knows how to sing and play on his guitar every song from the movie. And then when Cat Stevens was barred from entering this country, I rented the video again just to hear him sing some more.

  • LadyBug

    Carol, no, I don’t know Liz Phair. What kind of music is it?
    Checked out the Jude link. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Gave me chills and made me cry. (I just had my third baby (almost) five months ago.)
    We seem to have turned the comments section into a chat room of sorts tonight. Hope Dooce doesn’t mind. (Thanks, Dooce!)
    BTW Carol, you can reach me through the comments on my blog, if you want to tell me more about Liz Phair. Just click on my name.

    Off to bed. Goodnight Internet!
    God bless you Dooce, DJBlurb, Leta, Chuck, and all your (many, many) fans.

  • Carol

    Lady Bug-

    She’s amazing. So brazen. And beautiful and smart. Love her!!!

  • Carol

    Lady Bug-

    tried to comment on your site, but couldn’t???

    so replied here.

    but dooce would like liz phair,too, so it’s all ok, i guess.

  • Aron

    Can I just tell you that I love you for giving the secret equation for the “dooce” effect in photoshop. Oh the photo’s that I will be working on this weekend! And another thing…you are one of the most beautiful women that has graced this earth! Not just physically, but all around. Just thought you would like to know that a gay art boy from St. Louis has a huge crush on you. Obsess much? Yes!

  • LadyBug

    You probably couldn’t comment because I was making a couple format changes, because, as you can see, I did NOT go to bed when I said I was, because I’m stupid, that’s why. I am apparently a glutton for punishment; I am constantly exhausted, but just won’t make myself get up and drag my butt to bed. Sigh.

    (Of course, I notice YOU’RE still around, too, Carol. Misery loves company.)

  • Toni

    HA HA!

    I’ve got the last post!


  • Janis

    Hey Toni-

    No you don’t!


  • Toni

    Damn you, Janis! Damn you!

  • Janis


    You still don’t.

  • Janis

    Don’t have it that is!

    Hit post too soon. See what being goofy gets me?

  • Mo

    Hey, we have Wafflehouses in PA! What’s wrong with WaffleHouse? It so much less ostantatious than the “International House of Pancakes.” As if they are, like, some sort of pancakey ambassadors to the world and we should all bow before the wisdom of their delicious, unbelievable, pillowy pancakes and other assorted breakfast foods…mmmm…pancakes…

  • Janis

    That’s it!

    For breakfast, I’m makin waffles!


  • stefanie

    I haven’t posted before, because whenever I try, the site only lets me type in caps. my apologies. I’m not intending to yell. So this embarassing post is further embarassed by the fact that I’m posting to let you know that i’ve gone 99 hours without a shower… so you go ahead and admit to 5 days. i wont judge =)

  • stefanie

    well im a big fat idiot… it wasnt even in caps. i’ll stop messing up your lovely site now

  • Michael

    I am the LAST comment! Nobody remarks about that phenomena. How many people are you really going to get between (Utah Time) 1am and whenever you post next?

    I thought not.


    What a delicious baby.

  • Spring

    How many people are you really going to get between (Utah Time) 1am and whenever you post next?

    She might get the odd one.

  • George

    Seriously that’s a lot of comments, and seriously… why am I up at 3:43am? I have to be at work in about 3 hours! YAY

    Leta gets even cuter everytime I see her.

  • aibee

    am I *still* the only one who thinks Leta looks a lot like dooce?

  • Suzie

    There’s a Mormon, by Jeff Foxworthy:

    This is to all of you that may be a Mormon, that may know a Mormon, that may live in Utah, that may have lived in Utah or have heard about Mormons….
    You might be a Mormon if…
    all your dishes have your name written on them with masking tape

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you postdate your checks while shopping on Sunday

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you believe Heck is the place for people who do not believe in gosh

    You might be a Mormon if…
    your Mom was pregnant at your sister’s wedding reception

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you pray that your food might “nourish and strengthen your body” before eating doughnuts.

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you think Jell-O is one of the basic food groups.

    You might be a Mormon if…
    at least one of your salad bowls is at a neighbor’s house

    You might be a Mormon if..
    you’ve ever written a “Dear-John” to more than two missionaries on the same day.

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you were frustrated when your son “only” got accepted to Harvard

    You might be a Mormon if..
    you have one kid in diapers and one on a mission

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you have never arrived at a meeting on time

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you have more wheat stored in your basement than most third world countries

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you’ve already got your order in for volume 50 of “The Work and The Glory”

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you think it is all right to watch football on Sundays as long as a direct descendant of Brigham Young is playing

    You might be Mormon if…
    you have to guess more than five times the name of the child you’re disciplining

    You might be Mormon if…
    you automatically assume that BYOB means, Bring Your Own Burgers!!

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you go to a party and someone spikes the punch with Pepsi.

    You might be a Mormon if…
    you arrive to an activity an hour late and are the first person there

  • slick

    she’s absolutely precious!

  • the niffer

    Why are Mormons always late?

  • Bruce

    Before I think of anything witty to say about this image,
    I just wanna say…. I’M FIRST!!!

  • Suzanne

    Oh man…that’s a mischievious smile. You’re gonna have your hands full when she’s 13!

    (Whoo hoO…I’m almost first!)

  • jenny

    how do you not crack up all day long with that kid around?

    soo cute!

  • Somebody

    I think you have the shiniest sink on the planet. That and a pretty damned cute baby.

  • beachgal

    She is too cute, as I’m sure you’re aware. Love that smile!

  • LadyBug

    Leta is adorable, as always.
    But…is that your kitchen sink? That stainless steel bathtub? I am now coveting your sink.

  • Linda

    She is so precious!!! And *ducking* I can’t get over how much she looks like Jon!

  • Angie

    That baby is so flippin’ cute – I want one! Must check my calendar to see when I’m ovulating…

  • Fish


    Nope, got nothing. It’s hard to come up with witticisms and double-entendre about that picture.

  • Kelli

    Ooooo! What a GREAT little grin! Her eyebrows are even snickering about the mischievious deeds she will be getting into!

    I just can’t not smile looking at that picture!

  • Bruce

    cute kid… My wife & I have opted to have cats (3) instead of kids, and they bring nothing but joy to our… wait a minute… I mean they’re a huge pain in the ass.

  • Colleen

    She’s smiling like it’s the spa. I love that little dimple on one side.

  • wn

    Holly making my ovaries ZING!
    In french (because I am) we’d say she’s ‘crockable’ (loosely translated to ‘snackable’….don’t be scared though, I’m safe around kids, I swear!

  • Zorbs

    wooo! the ubiquitous Baby Bath picture! To be used as blackmail in the future.

  • J

    What an angel! That little darlin’ has got some GORGEOUS eyes on her.

  • Chris From Ohio

    She’s so cute. I always send my friends links to the Leta posts.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Oh. My. God. You better have Jon buy a shotgun for when the boys start showing up. He doesn’t have to shoot, just hold it up and scare them away. :c)

  • Tamara

    What a little doll!

    I have similar pictures of myself when I was a baby – bathtime in the kitchen sink. I always used to think my parents were weird for doing that but now that I’m closer to having kids myself I can see how much easier it must be!

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    I’ve looked all OVER Wal-Mart to get myself one of them “Leta” thangs and I can’t seem t’find ‘em NEAR as cute as *this* little rapscallion. You must have a GREAT Wal-Mart in Utah.

  • red

    uuuuuuuuh….sooooooo cute!

  • pismire

    Absolutely adorable.

    However, if there were a dialogue bubble coming from her mouth, she’d be saying (through that gorgeous smile), “Moooooooom, stop taking pictures of me nekkid!!!”

  • Stephanie

    Those cheeks were made to be pinched. She is a cutie pa-tootie!

  • Brooke

    When I have kids, I want them all to BE EXACTLY LIKE HER.


  • Kimberley H.

    Totally makes me wanna have a baby. Except for the part where she screams all the time.

  • JenE

    That glint in her eyes makes me smile!