Moments before I swallowed her cheeks whole

  • sweetney

    what a little dumpling…yummmm…

  • Sheryl

    Leta Leta Bo Beeta Banana Fana Fo Feeta Me My Mo Meeta Leta

  • patti

    Thanks for making me realize what a wonderful realtor I had (she was an acquaintance 1st) she sold our house in a week, and no creepy hittings-on!

  • pam

    Our dog — all of him — smells like Doritos. Well, I guess any corn-based Frito-lay product could be substituted.

  • Sheryl

    Leta is saying – “I’ll have what she’s having.”

  • Fish

    Re: “Thinking” entry for today:

    Sick husbands everywhere appreciate your support.

  • Moxie

    So when he’s done torturing gingerbread boys, Lord Farquaad sells real estate??

  • Liz

    And WHY must things smell like corn chips? I recall my cousin telling that she dated a guy because he had “a nice, Dorito-like odor.” Nice?

  • Andreah

    Oh, she is a treat isn’t she? Damn, what a cute kid.

  • rj

    Mmmmm. . . baby drool. So much more appealing than doggie drool.

  • Jeni

    I love the way you love Jon. It makes my heart swell.

  • Susie

    Today’s “Thinking” really touched me; brought tears to my eyes. I feel just the same about my love. So blessed. Somehow there’s a Thanksgiving prayer in that “Thinking,” Dooce. Holy. Sacred.

    OK, that’s a little heavy for the venue, isn’t it? Let’s see . . . POOP! Of France!!!! Frito feet!

  • Jewel

    i love your wonderful pictures!

  • ella’s ma

    I was thinking about scrambled eggs for breakfast, but my daughter’s lusciously chewy cheeks are just screaming to be doused in butter and rolled in cinnamon-sugar. Thanks for the reminder that babies are the yummiest thing since……? Buffalo wings?

  • Andreah

    Oh yeah dog feets do smell like fritos, I always thought they smelled like stale popcorn too.

    Why are we smelling our dogs feet anyways? And why do my cats feet smell kinda good?

  • Jewel

    i love your wonderful pictures

  • spring

    Seeing how people are putting the D70 on their Christmas lists, you better be getting some kinda kickback from Nikon, Dooce.

  • Sheryl

    “I love the smell of poptarts in the morning…smells like…victory.”

  • Stacy

    My cat’s feet smell good because I saturate her litter with carpet fresh powder. Now everytime she pisses it smells like a gentle spring breeze.

  • Fish

    What sort of amalgamation of nasty/not so nasty sources does the frito-smell come from on dog feet? I mean, come on. Dogs step in a lot of shiznit (some of it their own).

    Maybe that frito-smell is to smells like brown is to colors. I wonder whether the bottom of my shoes smell like that, too …

    hmmmm *fish wonders pensively*

  • Fish

    (no, I’m not smelling my shoes right now).

  • -leslie.-

    I’m sorry your sweetheart is sick- I’m sure he knows all the appropriate home remedies so I will dispense from leaving them all here. However, if you don’t have Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea, it’s a godsend when you’re all weak in the pookie. That’s a technical term in my family, by the way. WITP is sometimes close to death if there is no relief from a stuffed up nose.

  • John

    So how do you feel about being a “Post-modern Erma Bombeck” sharing her crazy life as per AdBrite’s description sales description.

  • Kira

    DOS MUCHOS!!!!!! I’m about to scream with my mouth shut…she’s too much! Too much cute!

  • Kari

    Dooce, you need a Hair category for your posts.

  • Terri

    Heart melting perfection and innocence.

  • anne

    I’m laughing here, picturing all of you out there in The World at Large sniffing your collective dogs’ feet. You have to admit it makes a pretty funny mental image.

    Of course, I too knew that dog feet smell like fritos, so I’m hardly exempt from the whole picture….

  • LadyBug

    Okay, so now I’m gonna HAVE to smell my dogs’ feet when I get home. My curiosity is absoLUTEly getting the best of me. We have a huge yellow lab and a small spring-loaded terrier-type mutt…So, I’m wondering…will BOTH dogs have Frito feet? Will they smell the same? Or might one have Chili Cheese Frito feet? Also, how the HELL will I get these rambunctious varmints to sit still long enough to 1) actually get a good, um, *sniff* and 2) do so without getting myself killed with jumping, drooling doggie affection?

  • Fraser

    I was more interested in the Realtor with the Lexus.

  • D Brown

    A friend of mine who is a veterinarian told me that that “Fritos” smell is a sign of a (usually minor) bacterial infection called Pseudomonas. He recommended washing the dog’s feet with a non-irritating “surgical scrub” like ChlorhexiDerm, twice a day for a week (between the toes, too). Call your vet or visit the pet store to get some surgical scrub to treat pseudomonas.

  • Amber

    Aww, she’s so terribly cute. How can you live with so much cuteness?

    I hope mine’s that cute, and I sure he will be. :)

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • Fish

    Huh. I guess the bottom of my shoes don’t have bacterial infestations. I’m relieved.

  • TheNoseKnows

    Didja ever notice that nursing puppies have breath that smells like coffee?

  • GirlA

    Smell My Feet Gimme Somethin Good To Eat

  • Josh

    So here’s what I’m wondering. If Dog’s feet smell like Frito’s, and this is because of a bacterial infection, What the hell are they putting into my Frito’s???

    Suddenly the world has shifted.

  • Fish


    We on your comment page have decided that you should not give Leta any fritos because of the horrible bacterial infestation that is SURE TO RESULT.

    Your Readers


    Just looked it up on the web…It’s the yeast and fungus! Pseudomonas is a mild fungus! Dog’s feet smell like corn and cheese (Doritos) because of the fungus and microorganisms (yeast) that grow after you walk in mud and, well, shit

  • Tracy

    Man – I know where my dog’s feet have been… you all are braver than I, huffing your pup’s toes. It’s bad enough that she jumps on our bed when we’re not looking and humps our pillows. We call it ‘Gina Dancing (there’s even a theme song for it, to the tune of the Chili Peppers’ “Rollercoaster”).

    Still, here’s to suffering the slings and arrows of inappropriately lusty, Frito-smelling dogs and sleep-deprivingly sick (or snoring, fit to shake the paint off the walls) husbands… In the sagacious words of Huey Lewis, that’s the power of love.

  • anne

    Frito feet are NOT necessarily indicative of a Pseudomonas infection! NOT! I’ve worked in veterinary medicine for 15 years -infected paws are itchy, red, raw, flaky, etc. Normal, uninfected dog paws have an odor -from natural flora. The same thing is true of your breath, your armpits, and various and sundry other body parts… these flora only become a problem if there is overgrowth. I’m sorry, I had to correct D. Brown.

    Enough out of me. No more talk of fritos out of this woman.

  • julie

    How in the WORLD have I gone thru life without knowing the glory of NOSE SPRAY. Holy shit. why did someone wait until i was THRIRTY to tell me about this. Stuffed up.. take some nose spray and SLEEP THRU THE NIGHT! what a breakthru in medicine! It has it’s drawbacks, of course, but when you haven’t been sleeping because of a CRAPPY, shitty , dry, hot stuffed up nose… a good night of sleep thanks to my little target-brand bottle of nose spray (that was $1.67!!!!) is a GODSEND. hmm.. will i get smited for relating nose spray to god?

  • april

    can we keep the comments to things about like, heather and leta and jon and chuck and that dicksmack realtor and not ‘oo-hey-i’m-first?’ ’cause that’s just…silly.

  • Fish

    Anne: could you and D Brown take this outside? Your upsetting the baby.

  • the niffer

    I kinda have a hankering on for bacterial infestation.

  • anne

    Fish – I’m so ashamed. I can’t believe I just used Dooce’s comments page to fight about the odor of dog feet. Sigh. I’m not having a good week.

    Forgive me, all.

    Let’s get back to talking about Leta and Chuck and Heather’s funny, funny writing.

  • Sheryl

    (respect anne’s comment, but I couldn’t resist)

    Tracy, all I can think of now is:
    Pseudomonas of Love
    Oh yeah it’s Pseudomonas time
    Lovin’ you is really wild
    Oh it’s just a love pseudomonas
    Step right up and get your tickets
    Your love is like Pseudomonas baby, baby I wanna ride Yeah…

  • Wondering how many letters I can type into the name field be

    bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

  • wixlet

    what color are leta’s eyes these days? they look hazely here.

  • beachgal

    Wow, she is so cute. How does she feel about long distance relationships? My 12 month old would love to gobble up those cheeks, too!

    Matchmaking already, and I’ve told him he can’t date till he’s 30.

  • christy

    I too have a realtor that is so cheesy we call him Cheesy Paul. That’s even how his name is programmed in my phone. And I know one of these days I am going to slip and call him that to his face.

    He likes to say “frickin” a lot, I think because it makes him feel young and tough. Two things he is not. And he has a bad mustache and does that “thumbs up pointin’ atcha” thing waaaay too much.

    I hate him with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

    My url link goes to his picture so you can get the full effect.

  • the niffer

    Wow Christy. That pic is screamin cheese.