That’s my mother at age 16. I adore this photo.

  • http://www.ximena.blog-city.com Super Turtle Girl

    People! Some of you have just gone off…the photo, people, the photo. That’s what we are here for. Try and remember that.

    It’s so funny to see that picture…it’s like you, Heather, with a shade of something else. It’s a super cool photo. Such a direct gaze. I think you got your directness from somewhere–maybe her?

  • HoneyBee

    Sorry this is so after the fact, but I just found it today… cool site for those who are sorry to the rest of the world for the election results.
    Check out the gallery. People sure are creative! (And sorry too)

  • http://blackbird17.blogspot.com merleb

    Nice box story.
    As for the spit bath for Leta, I ate an altoid outta my kid’s mouth (via his hand) at church last week –
    re Leta going mobile, yeah, you are screwed.
    There’s nothing like a baby with attitude you can move around.

  • Sue from Ohio

    OMG, she’s beautiful…and you look just like her…

  • heathertoo

    Tell the avon lady to sign me up! She sounds like a commerical. Whom-ever is making fun of her should be ashamed of themselves. (Is it YOU Dooce???)

  • Kano

    I think basically what IMAdumbass was saying in a nicer way is that most of the comments on here are retarded and they look like crap that people just type in fast so they can be first…..What ever being first has to do with anything…..Do you win a door prize?
    Then there are the tards that want to be last.
    Then there are the tards that make stupid songs.
    Then there are the tards that think they are funny and make comment after comment.
    In other words IMA is saying get a life.
    The picture is nice and she does have kind of a smug look like she is ready to take the photographers job.

  • Cori

    gobble gobble!!

  • Melanie S

    Just curious if any of you have a favorite Dooce post. My hubby asked me to show him one that would make him belly laugh…he doesn’t think it’s possible.

  • Sheryl

    Melanie S,
    Since he’s a guy – this is a good one, unless he is anal retentive or uptight about poop.

    Thursday, 16 September 2004
    A Story About Someone Else’s Ass

  • Stacy

    My favorite is Intimidation Feb 6 2002. Makes my eyes tear up from laughter every time.

  • http://www.lemonlight.org Angie

    What a family!

  • beachgal

    She’s beautiful!

  • B B

    Me ! Me! I’m first!

  • http://www.geocities.com/tabbie_faerie Tabbie

    Sadly I think I’ve seen that hair somewhere recently, but she looks lovely.

  • Lisa

    You favor your mother. She’s a pretty lady.

  • http://hsquared2004.blogspot.com Heather 2

    I have a picture of my mother when she was about that age…it’s my favorite picture of her, too.

  • B B

    Booger. Nevermind.

  • koof

    i can see the resemblance, i think

  • Alex

    she looks alot like you

  • http://lasadh.blogspot.com Sherri

    I see where you get your eyebrows!

  • ilva

    It’s amazing how much you look like her!(As much as Leta looks like Jon)Are you the one of your siblings who looks the most like your mom? She’s beautiful.

  • http://www.gigglinguniverse.blogspot.com Em

    Wow! You look a lot like her! She is a beautiful lady. This is the amazing Avon lady, huh?

  • Colleen from NJ

    My mom had that same hair.
    She’s got that rebel expression in her eyes… or am I just reading into it?

  • http://kaiso.typepad.com karen

    looks like a future avon world sales leader to me!

  • http://sadandbeautiful.typepad.com Sarah

    Beautiful! You look so much like her, Heather.

    I love seeing old photographs.

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/11_23_2004.html Mary Lynn

    You have the same eyes. When I saw the little thumbnail of her eye I thought it was going to be a picture of you. It is a nice photo of your mom.

  • Susie

    What a beauty; you do look like her. The thing that strikes me most is the MISCHIEF in those eyes, in that smile. That girl is trouble. I’d hang out with her.

  • ashley

    you look alot like her..
    shes really pretty

  • jodi-no-blog

    Oh yeah, I’m seein’ that rebel look too. Its like a challenge.

    “I dare ya…”

  • http://www.a.com Angela

    She’s beautiful… I can see where you get your looks from.

  • http://rottingrodents.blogspot.com Amanda

    What a purdy little lady.

    Is EVERYONE in Utah beautiful?

  • http://redefining.org di

    wow, you really do look like your mother. it’s also neat seeing your reflection in the glass over that picture.

  • http://www.julietnicole.com Juliet

    i just love how i can see your hand in the reflection on the right as you take this photo.

  • http://www.commuterchaos.com Kieran

    You go Mrs AVON world!

  • stella

    I bet if you put your pic and leta’s up next to it, you’d see a lot of similarity in those eyes. awesome pic. old black and whites are like holding hands in the dark.

  • http://www.globaljen.com jen

    Gosh, you really look like her! Maybe you;ll turn out to be Great Avon Sales Lady Mk II? ;)

  • http://misskimberley.blogspot.com Kimberley H.

    You definately look a lot like her.

  • http://www.sarcenet.org shana

    Wow-so pretty!

    Old photos are so much fun! They have a character that modern kodak prints lack somehow.

  • Karen

    You are going to look like your mom when you get her age.

  • http://blogs.salon.com/0002504 Anita

    I like the self confidence in her picture.

    I have a picture of my mom from that time, too, and her’s is filled with self doubt. She never really understood how beautiful she was.

  • Karen

    I agree with Mary Lynn, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be a picture of you.

    She’s beautiful – I have a picture of my Grandma in her early twenties at about the same time your mom’s picture was taken, and gosh darnit, weren’t people just so PRETTY back then?

  • http://alleyesonjenny.com Jenny

    What a GORGEOUS photo. And now we get to see where your good looks come from ;)

  • Caroline

    Oh my god, I totally thought it was you with a wig on or something. Great picture, she looks beautiful. I’m so jelous of your genetic skinniness though. If I *walked by* a chicken wing I’d gain a couple pounds. As they say, if you can’t make me skinny make all the web bloggers I read fat. But I guess you’re constipated all the time so that makes up for it a little bit.


    Eat a donut, for me.

  • http://kimba-bremen.diaryland.com kim

    i have one like that from my mom, too. and i love it..

  • AndreaBT

    Dead ringer, you are!

  • http://the-murmur.org/daily Eddie

    cool. i have some nice ones of my dad from back in the 30′s.

  • Jessica

    Beautiful photograph! I had to compare it to the Armstrong family photo from Nov. 6, and…wow…you are so much like your mom!


  • Fahrvergnugen

    You definitely take after your mom for looks. I seriously love her old hairstyle. I’ve really been into vintage hairdos lately, sporting 1940s styles a lot.

  • http://www.msmelanie.blogspot.com melanie

    you look just like her! Is your next hair change going to be 60′s inspired?

  • http://www.evilsciencechick.blogspot.com Regan

    I know everyone has said this already, but YOU AND YOUR MOM LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE!!! cool!

    Maybe you should give the avon stuff a try, you could be a natural!

    then again, maybe you shouldn’t. though you did go to a tupperware party, so I think avon might not be such a stretch… ;)