The Kids

  • Robin

    Patrick (18 months) says, “Babe!” Don’t tell Jon; I don’t think he’s ready to think about Leta dating…

  • Heathertoo

    Does Leta ever wear a dress? I understand the no frills attitude w/her, but only a t-shirt and diaper to dinner at the Avon Ladys? You want to drive your poor mother crazy dont you?

  • honestyrain

    ok, i feel better re the floors not being yours. maybe i don’t suck that bad after all. maybe. oh god, please don’t let me suck when comparing myself to this internet woman and her floors. please. i am begging. please.


  • honestyrain

    also, i am so relieved that is not your mat. i didn’t want to say anything previously but i did feel redeemed by not having such a silliness in my home. especially given that i am canadian.

    i always think it’s so odd when canadians have american flag stuff in their homes or on their bodies. people here (very few but still) will wear jackets that say USA and are all red white and blue. nothing against such a jacket but…um…YOU’RE CANADIAN FOOL.

    the concept eludes my comprehension.

    plus such a jacket is just ugly no matter where you live. so tacky.

  • JoJo

    Unless you’re on an
    olympic team, honestyrain.

  • PKD

    There she is! Our cutie pie.

  • lulu cornichon

    Leta: and-a-one-and-a-two-and-a-ONETWOTHREEFOUR!

    Chuck: Pizza? Pizza? Poptarts? No–Pizza!

  • dooce

    whatever you do Leta, DON’T STOP WAVING THOSE ARMS.

  • Dre

    Little Miss Leta just gets cuter and cuter every day!

  • Chloe

    So cute!
    I’ve never been this high on the list before.
    I hope you had a nice break from writing yesterday!

  • christy


    That reminds me – be sure to have the camera ready for the first time Leta tries to ride Chuck around the room. That’s always a classic.

  • Jessica

    Wouldja look at her shirt?! Leta is the best dressed kid on the internet, and quite possibly all of Utah.

  • Sherri

    Wait! Is her hair red or brown?

  • Kristina

    First time commenter, long time reader, Leta is absolutely adoreable!! And I just had to comment, I’ve never read your comments and been so close to #1!!, normally it’s #40 something by the time I read, now I’m #6!

  • Brooke

    Are those little Equestrian pajamas?

    Heather! When Leta’s old enough, get her riding lessons! They’re so much fun.

  • pismire

    Is it just me or does Chuck look stuffed?

  • Carolee

    They are so cute!

    And your floor is sooooo shiny! How do you have time to keep the place so clean with a baby. Wow.

  • Sarah

    Leta is darling!!

    Did you ever say what yesterday’s pic was?

  • Carolyn J.

    Your floor is so beautiful, I want to lick it. Also the baby and the dog.

    Oh, and most people hate the sound of their recorded voice played back to them,I’m sure you sound normal to everyone else.

  • tangoali


  • brittney

    No more Caesar hair-do. Tres chic.

  • jenn

    I love her horse shirt!!

  • sweetney

    horsies!!! obviously leta will soon need a subscription to Dynomite! magazine for its hot horse poster ackshon.

  • debbie

    this picture needs more THIGHS!

    no, i’m not a perv–just a mother who loves chubby baby thighs.

  • maxigumee

    Leta’s shirt is cute.

  • jenny

    just wondering… what was yesterday’s picture of, exactly?

  • ChickenFlicken

    A word of irritatingly unsolicited advice….if you ever plan on putting barettes or ponytail holders in Leta’s hair to keep in out of her face, you should start NOW getting her used to it. Sure, she’ll reach up and snatch whatever you put up there out milliseconds after, but by the time she actually NEEDS to keep her hair out of her face (and trust me when I say, you will want to keep her hair out of her face when she eats or snots or talks or anything else, because otherwise the hair gets stuck to the cheeks and if you think a sockless baby looks neglected, you haven’t seen the hair stuck to the face with snot yet…)she will be used to having something ridiculous stuck into her hair. I’m going to send you some hair doodles that I think you’ll like.

  • the niffer

    I have yet to see a photo where Chuck doesn’t look like the King of Something. He’s no senator, he’s royalty.

    (Even after he drops a load in someone’s yard. King’s can poop anywhere.)

  • Grace

    As always, Leta flapping her arms, and Chuck looking completely distracted. I love those kids :)

  • Moxie

    Leta Armstrong: Captain of the 2020 Olympic Pantless Equestrian Team.

  • Lindsey

    Awwe, They Grow Up So Fast! *Sniff Sniff*

  • Stephanie

    Very cute pic. Love the floor also!

  • Wendy

    Leta Armstrong, now with less pants!

    Chuck looks like he’s noticed the mailman or a squirrel, or perhaps an errant piece of cheeto fluff.

    BTW, I don’t know if you refinished the floors yourselves, but they look gorgeous!

  • honestyrain

    i’m not sure what’s cuter…the kid or those floors. dang. now my shitass hardwood that’s been in this house since 1945 looks all the suckier. stop being better than me with your takes good pictures camera and shiny new floors. yer makin’ me feel bad.

    do you dress Leta to match the floors on purpose? i mean, they’re nice floors so i could se why you would.

  • Jenny

    I just want to smother the two of them with kisses!

  • Amanda B.

    Awwwwww, heck. Come on now Dooce. Southern accents can be quite charming. (ie…Ah quite enjoy mah accent, dahlin)

    People do tend to associate a southern accent with hickdom- but oh well. I’ll bet your accent is waaan-da-ful.

    I love Memphis- I’ll bet it was an interesting place to grow up. It’s a bit like N.O. w/out the urine- vomit-beer smell.

    Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. Smooch the kids for my husbando and I!

  • Biggest Apple

    Looks like Leta has just spoken her first word – “Bum”.

    Maybe I’ve just been living in England for too long now…..

  • dooce

    this photo was taken on Thanksgiving day at my mother’s house, so those floors are only two years old. and my mother is INSANE when it comes to cleanliness. thus, all my issues and consequent years of therapy.

  • Katie

    Look ma – no teeth!

  • the niffer

    Dooce: Ok, that makes more sense. I didn’t think you’d have a star-spangled mat in your house. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • Poppy

    Must know where you found the horse shirt! My 9-month-old daughter is already crazy about horses and we need that shirt!

  • Bruce

    i hate whe people come to visit & they bring their dog – how annoying – leave the dog home fer christ’s sake!

  • dooce

    niffer: THERE IS EVERYTHING WRONG with that star-spangled mat. wait until you see the pictures i took of the scary ceramaic pigs she has EVERYWHERE in her kitchen.

    Bruce: my mother tells us that she doesn’t want us to visit her UNLESS we bring the dog. chuck is her grand-dog. they have a special relationship.

  • kim

    am i the only one who thinks it’s an unbelieveably kitschy and ugly shirt (sorry) and that there’s a slight chance leta might hate you for putting it on her AND taking a picture of her wearing it in a couple of years AND putting it online? but i love the floors ;o) and i hope you had a great thanksgiving.

  • Joan

    Hey Bruce, you think taking a big dog with you visiting is annoying? I went to my friend’s house on Thanksgiving with a 10 week old puppy! Now there’s something to test friendship with.

  • christilee

    My mom treated us kids and dogs like that. until I was about five I thought my sister was a black lab named Tara. That did not sound right…Anyway I was no too upset when I figured it out.

  • christilee

    Looks like Chuck is guarding her with his life…Either that or he spotted someone in the kitchen with left over turkey pizza. Both senerios and Children are super cute. Also, Kim the shirt is not ugly, it’s kinda retro 50′s cowgirl.

  • wixlet

    i’m with debbie–more chubbly baby legs! our son’s most ticklish spot is right at that chubby leg fold.

  • kp


    Bruce: I bet you get a lot of visitors, too, what with your warm and kind demeanor, sensitivity to other’s lifestyles, and your pleasant way of speaking your mind.

  • curiouskiwi aka Brenda

    I think my 18-month old might have a crush on Leta. This morning when I was looking at your daily pic, he pointed at me and said “Dooce, dooce, dooce!” Then again, he was waving his cup, so maybe he just wanted some OJ.