The Kids

  • steph

    That one day you were gone was an eternity. I pined for you dooce, I really did.

    The kid is adorable as always, Chuck looks like he’s been on constant alert to the smell of Turkey. mmmm…. turkey…..

  • koof

    yay i am not the only who who went..uh star spangled mat is SO not what i expected dooce to have in her house, but WHEW it’s not yours.
    but anyway, hope it was a good thanksgiving!

  • Monica

    I just want to cut off her cheeks and deep-fry them in cinnamon.

    Too cute!

  • kp

    hey! someone else is using my name! crap! need a new one!
    this will NOT do.

  • jelene

    Leta and Chuck have no idea how many thousands of online fans they have.

    “The official Leta and Chuck fanclub”

  • Ali

    I love how the dog always looks as though there is most definitely something more interesting going on to the left or right of the field of vision of the photo. Hilarious. You are so lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful daughter. Actually, now that I think about it, all the dooce readers are blessed. If Leta was an ugly baby and you showered us with pictures, it’d be a totally different story. I once saw this baby that looked like a monkey. No joke. She even had the small round ears. Then her mother says, “isn’t she adorable?” and what am I supposed to say? “no, she’s the most hideous baby ever. she looks like the spawn of a monkey crossed with your husband, who is also not an attractive man”

    So in short, thanks to you and your family for being so damn aesthetically appealing. Leta is by far the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    with that shirt am i the only one thinking howdy doody time?

  • Alli

    My mother has not only a Star Spangled rug in her kitchen but a Star Spangled Nauvoo rug in her kitchen. There’s a lovely shadow of the Nauvoo temple over the backdrop of a flag. Isnt that fucking sweet. I always tell her “isn’t it awesome that the government was behind the temple burning? Lets celebrate that by stepping on the flag/temple while we wash the funeral potatoes off of your finest china, mother.” I think her silence means that she can’t think of anything else to add to that comment since I’m right. Either that or she is trying not to cuss me out. No bishop’s wife would cuss somebody out on THANKSGIVING FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

    Btw, Leta = adorable. I want to chew her cheeks up…but not in a scary way, thats just what I do to my kids and to cute babies.

    the end

  • jm

    Leta: “ROAR! I am THE LETA!!! You WILL obey me! ROAR!” (She’s so cute when she is waving her arms and trying to be scary. It doesn’t work. Such cuteness makes it hard to see “scary.”)

    Chuck: “What is that? Can I have that?”

  • luke winter

    Bloody hell you get a fair few comments don’t you? This is a bit of a pointless one as that is pretty much all I’m saying presently. I could comment on your gorgous (i never could spell that word) site design as well but I think I’ll save that for another day.

  • Martha

    Man, I love your dog. he always looks so chill. Like, if he could talk, he’d be the coolest guy ever.

    Leta’s cute, but you already know that.

  • Kahli

    She is very, very cute. THat shirt is fabulous!

    What was the Thanksgiving picture?

  • christilee

    Kahli , I am also wondering what the Thanksgiving photo was…Looks like it could be one of those 60′s paperweights made of resin and filled whith wheat. What was it Dooce?

  • dooce

    i will never tell!

  • Amanda B.

    That shirt is awesome. Much better than a scratchy, froofroo, baby-torture, pink, frilly dress get-up. I have baby pics of myself trying to claw my way out of monstrosities like that. Thus *my* years of thearapy…

  • Helloid

    Hooray! I’m first to comment.