Methinks someone had too much cornbread stuffing and passed out

  • Les Nessman

    My name is Richard Sanders – some of my credits:

    “Rose Red” (2002) (mini) TV Series (uncredited)
    … aka “Stephen King’s Rose Red” (2002) (mini) (USA: complete title)
    Nowheresville (2000) …. Duane (The Stalker)

    Valley Girl (1983)

    Nude Bomb, The (1980) …. German Delegate
    … aka Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb (1980)
    … aka Return of Maxwell Smart, The (1980)

  • montana mommy

    this (fucking) shit is better than (fucking) reality tv!!

  • Debbie

    Played approximately 10x/day around ages 10-11, and my awesome parents refrained from throwing my record player out the window:

    So many nights I sit by my window
    Waiting for someone to sing me his song
    So many dreams I kept deep inside me
    Alone in the dark but now
    You’ve come along

    You light up my life
    You give me hope
    To carry on
    You light up my days
    and fill my nights with song

    Rollin’ at sea, adrift on the water
    Could it be finally I’m turning for home?
    Finally, a chance to say hey,
    I love You
    Never again to be all alone

    You light up my life
    You give me hope
    To carry on
    You light up my days
    and fill my nights with song

    You light up my life
    You give me hope
    To carry on
    You light up my days
    and fill my nights with song

    It can’t be wrong
    When it feels so right
    ‘Cause You
    You light up my life

  • foxforcefive


  • George

    you wish you were last.

  • Michelle

    Did anyone else consider sending Heather an e-mail with advice on how to get rid of a cold just to get that bag-o-vomit so they could sell it on e-bay? I mean, she’s probably got some seriously freaky stalkers who would pay bank for that.

    No? Just me? Well, fuck.

  • mrs. george #2


    OF FRANCE!!!!


  • DeAnn

    What is it about George that brings me such glee?!

  • DeAnn

    Also, don’t you think George deserves his own category rather than being lumping in with “family”? He’s so much more than that!!

    (If he has one and I’m too stupid to find it, I apologize in advance.)

  • noGeorge

    Apologies people, I’m no George fan. Would definately stop reading if Dooce makes a George category.

  • mrs. george #2

    I will cut you.

  • Caroline

    Good riddance, noGeorge. George is awesome, it’s not his fault you fucking suck.

    Oh yea, I’ll cut you too.

    Who’s Mrs. George #1? Does George get to pick his Mrs. or is this an arranged thing? Because if it is, I totally should’ve gotten dibs.

  • eco2geek

    “You Light Up My Life,” by Debbie Boone?

    Barf. Me. With. A. Spoon.

  • Caroline

    And *SOMEBODY* cool has to fill the gaping G gap between Feeling Guilty and How to Annoy me.

    I’m actually sober today, I’ve just got a caffine high.

  • noGeorge

    How is George awesome?
    I know he’s overweight, but awesome? Let me in on the secret, please…

  • mrs. george #2

    Caroline- but you’re such a FUN drunk. Here, have some tequila.

    There once was a mrs. george #1, but after I cut her ass she hasn’t been showing her face ’round here. And since George is a polygamist Mormon, he DOES have his pick. So join in the fun, you can be mrs. george #3. And we can fucking maime all of the George haters (well, there really is only ONE, isn’t there?)

  • noGeorge

    Is it necessary for me to add that I’m not just representing myself but a whole host of Dooce-readers on this side in the views I’ve expressed about George?

  • mrs. george #2

    well where are they? i’ve heard no other voices of dissent. everyone LOVES george. including me… in the worst possible way. so what you’re telling me is that you’d rather look at photos of creepy pigs humping frothy candycanes than look at GEORGE in all of his sexy, snuggly, mismatched-undershirt-wearing greatness? Please.

  • Fran

    george’s awesomeness goes beyond words and cannot be described. Either you get it or you don’t. And there’s no special glasses you can put on to help you see it. Sorry!

    Am I last? I feel blasted.

  • noGeorge

    mrs. george #2: you made the connection between George and “creepy pigs”, not me.

  • Laura C.

    Wow. Nobody posts at this hour. I feel like the lone explorer of Dooceland. this is why all-nighters are great. I wonder if George, too, is hard at work as we speak.

  • mrs. george #2

    noGeorge: Again, I WILL cut you.

  • bbinaz

    Well, I guess having just one bit of forbidden advice out of 228 comments is a pretty decent compliance rate. But Heather, I think you shouldn’t be surprised to receive some e-mails containing advice on what steps to take if you do happen to tear out your eyes — because you didn’t forbid THAT kind of advice. Just a statement — no advice here! :)

  • Margaret from Germany

    I LOVE George~~all the way from Germany!

    OF GEORGE!!!!

  • mrs. george #2



  • Kano

    Yes Mrs.George #2 you were last. Last in line when they were handing out lives I guess…..Yeah I know….You will cut me. Nothing against George…..but I kind of agree with NoGeorge in asking how do you all know that George is awesome? You don’t even know him. That is the funny thing about people and the Internet. Add the two together and you get a bunch of fantasy lives.

  • mrs. george #2

    You’re wrong, Kano. My internet life is REALITY. That is why I go by mrs. george #2.

    Ok all I have to say is BIG FAT DUH. Fantasies are fun. That’s what’s so intriguing about George… we don’t know a damn thing about him but we can each IMAGINE what we think he’s like and for most of us, our imagination thinks he’s pretty effing awesome.

  • juuuuuuu

    You know, you could get rid of that cough by…. mwah-ha-ha!!

  • Sara

    Can we use TiVo in Belgium as well?
    I had never heard of it before.

  • Kano

    Well, that means only one thing. You are in much worse shape than I expected number two!

  • noGeorge

    Kano: that was very funny!

  • Bob

    LAST! Boo-yah

  • Kano

    Thanks noGeorge….although Dooce and a lot of others have no appreciation for my humor at all. I guess it hits to close to reality.

  • anne

    And so we go from a Happy Thanksgiving sort of comments section to a minor fisticuffs between the Fans of George faction and the noGeorge/Kano faction. Huh. Makes sense, I suppose, here in Internet World.

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving, people.

  • lulu cornichon

    Well, Kano, I suppose you’re right. With a typical comment from you reading something like this:

    “Hey losers! You suck! I’m cool! Ha!”,

    I guess your sense of humor is just too subtle and nuanced for us to appreciate.

    Maybe the comments area of a different website would allow you to shine to your full potential.

    And take noGeorge with you.

  • mrs anti-George #1

    Well, see mrs. george #2 that is where we differ because my imagination tells me George is so not cool. In fact my imagination closes down completely at the sight of George.

  • noGeorge

    Hey lulu cornichun, slowly there. I’m not going anywhere. Not with Kanu and not with George.
    One thing is certain though, George sure has an effect on your temper!

  • Sheryl

    I’m personally not into commenting on George just because if it was me, I’d feel uncomfortable. I have a hard time with compliments. Lol

    And Kano, you jus aint funny. Taking-things-literal-and-implied-put-downs just aint the shit no month. Sorry, dude.

  • lulu cornichon

    George seems sweet. I like him.

  • Carol

    “Well, Rise and Shine
    and give God your GLORY, GLORY
    Rise and Shine
    and give God your GLORY, GLORY..!!”

    : )

  • manda


  • Rosalie

    i like plaid furniture!

  • manda

    I’m first!

  • Sarah

    George squared, or cubed, or quadrupled!

  • Deanna

    Hey, it’s my father-in-law!
    Wait…. oh no, oops, too young, too much hair, and still in an upright position. my bad.

  • ranae

    looks very similar to me post- thanksgiving dinner

    i’m anxious to see pictures of your tree :-)

  • LadyBug

    I recognize that look….
    “I can’t believe I ate the whoooole thing….”

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

  • Abby

    Well, he’s a lot less scary than the pig (shudder!).

  • Terri

    Poor, poor George.

  • Shmee

    So glad the pig is gone.