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Mother, if you’re reading this, the part about the four women, it’s not true

A couple weeks ago a girl named Nikki sent me and email asking if she and her friend Ryan could interview me for an article for the school newspaper at the University of Utah. Before I even asked her what it was going to be about I said, “YES!” because, you see, the University of [...]

It’s gettin’ kinda hectic

Last night after brushing our teeth Jon took it to the next level, that level being the wrong level, the level of lawbreaker. He broke the law, the law that says one should never start tickling another without first being provoked. It’s a well known law. Everyone knows this law. And he broke it. I [...]

How to Annoy Me

Hide my keys in your toy box leaving me PANICKED for hours and hours and when I finally find them there amidst your half-gnawed books and bunnies who are missing their ears I notice that you have eaten my Albertson’s Preferred Savings Card. How are we going to shop now, huh? HOW ARE WE GOING [...]

On the count of three: three, two, one…