How long can he hold in the smoke?

  • GirlA.

    We all have our psycho hamster moments. Or days. Or weeks.

  • Kathleen

    Dear Heather:

    Please keep us posted on your sanity progress. Because if you only merit a C- in sanity, that means that I rate a F+ and that’s unacceptable.

    Take care and “feed the world”…a Band Aid reference since I am remarkably old and in the holiday spirit.

    One last thing…Oasis Rules!

    Take care of yourself and your adorable husband and gorgeous baby!


  • Amanda B.

    Hmm. That sounded at bit pretentious. What I meant was I try not to be to hard on myself. Or to compare myself and my life to others.

    I’ve been through a lot in my 31 years and I guess I’ve reached a point where I just want peace. Quiet, laughter, love, stillness. Those are great assets in my book.

  • MrsDoF

    Dooce, these last few months this site has helped me to get sane again. I know I can come here for many laughs and much honesty.
    A friend sent me here when I got Fired from a job I was good at, although I don’t even have a ‘blog that might have condemned me.
    You have helped me to climb upward from a dark and lonesome place.
    It’s all perspective.

    Gonna say Good Night now. I’ve been promised an omelette for breakfast if I get up before the mister goes off to our source of income.

  • Sheryl

    love you amanda b.
    I think of the b as standing for bird.

  • Carol

    AmandaB – I think you are about the least pretentious person. Ever. Love you. What else? I don’t know … lots. Don’t have the dooceability to say it… But i’m thinking it.

    : ) doing a little dance your way…. xoxoxox

  • Carol

    OH GOD

    OK…SHAMELESS PROMOTION WILL FOLLOW… but not for me.. for a great friend of mine. She’s the BEST!!! Really, she is.

  • Carol

    Sheryl… rarely check the links. Love that one.

  • mrs. george #2


  • GirlA.

    I am sorry about the scary hamster. Sometimes I feel like that if I drink too much coffee and start getting pissed off at inaminate objects.

    Mrs. George # 2 you so intrigue me.
    Who are you ?

  • Red

    Cute =)

  • Carol

    OK, Doocepeople -

    just sit there and cry…it’s ok.

  • ginger


  • Sheryl

    I can’t vouch for the sound because I didn’t listen, but visually – just stunning, emotionally powerful and intricate. I did cry. I am not going to be someone’s mama.

  • Marcia


  • DeAnn

    I didn’t even know Jon smoked. Hmmm … I guess I don’t know everything about this awesome family that I’ve never met!!

  • ginger

    No wait…

  • anonyMouse

    ok i may not have been first to post, but i bet i am the first from 30,000 feet. I am en route to Munich Germany on a Lufthansa flight and having as much fun with my wireless access here as i can. At least until my second battery runs out.

  • Mrs.Stray

    Smokers! Blech
    Top 100 weeeeeeee :0P

  • GirlA.

    Who R U Anonymouse?

  • sclark

    Talk about focus

  • Heather R

    Marlboro Man Armstrong

  • Badger

    Are you sure it’s smoke? Or is constipation contagious?

  • Lola

    Aww, Leta has his eyes!

  • shellibells

    Hot stuff!! Breathe, Jon, Breathe!!!

  • mrs. george #2

    Not as much as you intrigue me. Want to be lesbians? I’ll change my name to Mrs. Girl.A. I am lasting yet fresh.

  • ginger

    IS that Him? I can’t tell… the beard… confusing…

  • mrs. george #2

    Funny how I am willing to forsake my love for George the same way I’ve done Jesus for so many years. It’s sad, really. I’m not typically such a fickle girl… but for Lindsay Lohan or Girl.A, I could definitely go les.

  • Sarah

    Damn, Heather. Your husband is really hot. This picture shows it very, very well, even if he does look like he just took a hit off his bong.

  • pauline

    scusa, ma chi sarebbe?

  • Ali

    I wish my boyfriend could grow a beard.

  • andi

    i’m with you. i feel like i’ve dropped way off the curve today too.

  • Red

    Now that i am thinking he kind of looks like Jonathan Frakes….yea baby

  • mrs. george #2

    don’t worry about the curve. worry about being LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  • closet metrosexual

    Ok, this is way too metrosexual for even me, but, damn does that man need an eyebrow waxing!

    (Sorry Jon.)

  • honestyrain

    i falied sanity. twice. and i had a tutor.

  • dooce

    note: jon does not actually smoke. leta is not exposed to cigarette or cigar or illegal smoke of any kind. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

  • Eric

    I used to get high marks in sanity. Now I am slipping. I am just lucky, I suppose, that my dogs never spurned me for other dogs.

    Please let Chuck have his rawhide end. Otherwise, you might end up with chewed up shoes.

  • Kieran

    Is Urah jsut full of men with beards?

  • Liz

    He looks like he wants to vomit – poor darlin’

  • Jenie

    He looks so serious….and so hot!

  • Mrs.Stray

    So is he just pissed and its about to start steaming out of his ears?

  • Fish

    Sounds like a swift kick to the titanium codpiece will take care of the smoke retention problem.

    Red: “Numbah One, Engage!”

  • Fish

    Dooce: illegal smoke? My innocent Midwestern sensibility just doesn’t understand …?

  • Mary

    Liz, I was just thinking the same thing. Get that man a barf bag before it ends up all over the place!

  • hayley

    look, it’s david jason lee duchovney!

  • Ali

    I decided that after looking at this picture more closely that Jon is the perpetual snow guy. He looks like he belongs in a ski hat and winter coat.

    Also, Heather – on behalf of every moron who emails you and gives you advice, I’d like to apologize for the fact that you have to pretty much have a disclaimer for everything.

  • Heather


  • Chessy

    Thank you for sharing. Jon is quite handsome. I think the two of you make a lovely couple.

    My husband has a beard, but it is sort of the pathetic ‘geek’ version of beard. And he gets random Wolverine hair all the way up on his cheekbones. It is funny. I like it, though. I like everything about my husband.

  • Katie

    WHY DOOCE WHY do you torture me in this way???? (That’s right, that was 4 question marks.)

    I love my boyfriend, oh so much, and yet every few days you put this lustrous image of temptation before my eyes… ;) Good thing I live in New York, otherwise I might be all up in yo man’s grill! Yow!