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    if mothers did not pee when on the phone they would not ever speak to anyone other than the baby and the bottle of wine pepetually on the kitchen counter.

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    GEORGE! Needs his own web site. I think the Blurbodoocery should start with a design immediately.

  • Darcie

    I just got a leaflet from Poison Control which says the plant is safe for kids.
    My question is, how can it be safe for kids and poisonous for dogs?

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  • Girl.A

    Dogs and kids are not usually the same species.

    example: Chocolate contains theobromine (a compound similar to caffeine) which is poisonous to dogs. A dose of 50 mg/lb can be fatal to a dog. Caffeine does not typically kill humans.

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    I wish I had something funny to say.


    Gorgeous flowers.

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    There. I kinda feel better…maybe if I just say it every 30 posts all the people will eventually know.

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    beachgal, you’re cracking me up. Are you like the spokeswoman for poinsettia plants or something?

    Just teasing…I understand, I do, but we are all far too self-centered on this board to pay so much attention to other commenters, you may have noticed. ;-)

  • mvh

    no way

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  • beachgal

    Heh, Sarah, I’m just frustrated. I also used to think the plants were fatal to pets, and they aren’t. The thing I linked to said they would have to eat soooo much to even possible get an upset stomach. That’s not “hazardous” in my opinion. That’s a possibility of an upset stomach if my cat would wipe out a poinsettia forest or something.

    I’m done. I was just hoping to clear up the myth for people that like the plant but have avoided it for their animals, but don’t need to.

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    I am avoiding work. I want to be home in my jammies. Girl A- do you have a link that can transport me home in my cozy comfies???

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    Really gets you in the holiday spirit!

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    Howdy Sarah- how You doin?

    beachgal- you be the poinsettia police and i’ll be the hoohoo police.

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    I love this time of year.

  • beachgal

    Okay Amanda B. But don’t be policing my Hoo-hoo, ok?

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    Okay, y’all need to stop talking about nachos. I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, and then my family got pizza. Delicious, not-pudding-like pizza. I need nachos. I need pizza. I don’t want any more applesauce!
    Eh hem. Sorry.
    Now (more on topic): Poinsettias and cats. Allow me to illustrate why I personally don’t have poinsettas. I got some ‘lucky’ bamboo. It was fine for a few months, then one day, my cat chewed on it. I yelled at him to stop. He stopped. Then, every night, after I fell asleep, he would sit next to the bamboo and chew on it for a few hours. I now have a nearly dead stalk of bamboo– I had to move it to a non-cat-accessible shelf.
    So, pretend I buy a poinsettia. I buy a poinsettia. I tell him not to chew on it. The next morning, sick cat. Even if he had to chew fifty leaves to get sick: *it would still happen*.
    Cats don’t do what you tell them to do, in fact often they do the exact opposite. Since I still like my cat (for some godforsaken reason), I try to keep him from doing stuff that could make him sick. And that means no plants that are poisonous to cats, in any amount.
    Also, I have one friend with whom I will pee while talking with on the phone. But she started it!
    (This post sounds like I have ADD, but I prefer to put all my comments in one post per day, rather than 15 posts that aren’t related to each other. Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
    And: fini.

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    Very good picture!

  • Stacy

    you know, Heather, you should really be careful with those plants around. They are poisonous to animals and kids.

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    Holy crap, I’m No. 2! Now I totally understand why everyone gets so excited about being a first-ish commenter!

    The thrills!

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    (Sorry to repost, but):
    beachgirl, I promise I read every single one of your “poinsettias aren’t poisonous” posts. I just still won’t take the chance. My cat is REALLY stupid.
    Actually, I read all the posts before I comment (except for one time). Well, no, some I skim over, but I read the great majority.

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    today seems to be One Word Comment Day.

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    Hey Amanda B!! I just came from Target lunch raid…I did ok! I didn’t get angry! I didn’t kill anyone! I even bought the stuff I needed, for others, and not for ME!

    Beachgal…I only laugh because I can totally relate. I bet you send links to snopes for those mass emails like me, too! LOL.

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    hey sporty!

  • beachgal

    cute Stacy.

    Hey, no problem, Chloe. I’m not worried. I was just trying to help. But I’m done. Really.

  • Bluedevil

    I’ve never liked pointsettas. They’re kind of creepy.

  • Tracy

    Shitmist is what will be coming out of the fan if my boss ever finds out how much workday time I spend checking out blogs like Dooce.

    Mythbusters did a show on the shitmist effect once, but I can’t remember whether they busted it or not…?

    Lastly, no one has to KNOW that you pee mid-call if you put your thumb over the little receiver and halt midstream if/when you have to reply. I’m just saying.

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    I always hated poinsettias until this year when I saw FUSCHIA and SALMON and VIOLET colored ones. Red ones are for grandma’s, give me my technicolor beauties!

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    i’m soooooooo with you, ms. pants: wondering: when will people realise this is a comment section and not a message board?
    can’t we get this back to being all about dooce? it’s her website, yo, let’s keep it to all things heather/chuck/leta, and of course, GEORGE!

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  • Tracy

    Girl.A: heh – auf Deutsch it’d be “scheißmist”… except that’d actually be redundant, since the word “mist” means “manure”. Luftscheiß, or luftmist, might both work…?

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    males seem to not understand the peeing in groups or together or on the phone thing when it comes to females they know doing it

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    Dooce: Don’t let Jon eat the poisonsettia, either cause, like, its poinonous, you know?

    *Fish ducks as Beachgirl hurls brick*

  • Liz

    Wish I could have those but my cat would make them into kitty food and I think they are not good for her. Woe is me. Beautiful picture though. :)

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    Tracy, I second the shitmist hitting the fan comment. But not the ‘thumb over the receiver/halt midstream’ thing. There’s no way anyone on the phone could NOT know the moment you walk into the bathroom, unless there exists a bathroom with the same acoustics as a living room or bedroom. You always sound like you’re in a can…which you are, I guess. Heh.

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    Jeeze, you people are fast. It’s like your rapid dogs waiting for a bone! :)

    Anyway, lovely photo. RED is for the season.

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    Wasn’t there a movie about a giant cloud of shitmist spreading throughout the world?

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    Dooce, people put one word comments in the first several because they are desperately trying to be first.

    And as we all KNOW…being first ROCKS. ;-)

    This is postcard purty. Did you know that poinsettas are poisonous to cats? Dogs and babies–no problem.

    Happy Holidays!

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    I’ll give you all 1 dollar if you stop saying ‘shitmist’…


  • Slim

    I think it’s to make up for all the reading you had to do yesterday. But give it time….

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    The word kinda loses all meaning after a while, doesn’t it Amanda?

  • MrsDoF

    Golly, that is so gorgeous.
    Please tell me you are at a Florist and not someone’s personal undertaking, because if it is, I’m so jealous of having that much time and space to garden.