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Over the weekend I put all of Leta’s 0-3 month clothing into labeled boxes and stored them away in the basement where they will remain until we have another baby — HA! ANOTHER BABY? The logistics of more than one TOTALLY BOGGLE MY MIND — and it was one of the saddest endeavors I have [...]


And polish your shoes, dear; a boy notices that sort of thing.

How to Annoy Me

Refer to the thing hanging on your wall as an “art painting.”

Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Leta, I have fed you twice a night every night for the past 84 days, and I have to ask you: aren’t you full yet? I have received a lot of advice concerning your screaming, people who think you might have reflux or an ear infection, people who think I need to stop breastfeeding [...]

Feeling Guilty

For fulfilling my father’s worst nightmare by growing up and becoming a Democrat.

If I Don’t Write About It I’ll Cry About It

On Saturday afternoon my mother agreed to take Leta for a few hours so that Jon and I could go see a movie. A movie in a movie theater. A whole movie with opening credits and a plot and closing credits with actors and music and a life lesson and everything. A MOVIE! Jon and [...]


The Story About the Baby


One day I will be able to tell my grandkids that my website was once the second search result for “Justin Timberlake naked” and HOW COOL IS GRANDMA NOW, HUH?

Milestones and Mental Diseases

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and after several days of Leta’s unwillingness to eat a full meal during the day I found myself on the phone with La Leche League, otherwise known in this household as The Boob Nazis. I was worried about my milk supply, that somehow my boobs might dry up because [...]

Since You Asked

Today I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions I get about this website, questions I don’t have time to answer on an individual basis because there’s this thing in my house that screams a lot. 1 – I use a Nikon Coolpix 990 to take all of my photographs. It’s a few years old, [...]