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When Geeks Collide

Second Cousins



Email: I Lack the Fibre

From: Subject: none I read some of your website and quite frankly was astonished that you are a person that has had a child at all…..I think some people should just leave such wonderful experiences to those who have the stamina and fibre to do such things!!! Having a baby is a WONDERFUL experience, [...]

How To Annoy Me

Sit on top of me indicating that you want me to take you on a walk thus preventing me from being able to actually get up and take you on that walk, DOG.


Moore! Moore! Moore! The college has received a steady stream of complaints from across the nation, from a grandfather vowing he won’t come to his grandson’s graduation to an employer swearing to never again hire a UVSC graduate. Many parents and alumni have expressed disgust that the college is using student fees to pay Moore [...]

From Atop Tank Hill

Bus Shelter

Have You Reconvened Your Procedure?

There’s something that I haven’t talked about much on this website because it’s kind of personal and we all know how private I am about personal things. This particular thing is, however, really private, and when I use italics instead of caps you know I mean business. Can I go a single post without using [...]