Blue, Looking West

  • Rori

    p.s. wtf does your sex appeal have to with anything about getting fired for your blog.

  • Fish

    Uppercase GOD, you are funny.

  • pete

    COURTNEY — Yahweh means in english Jehovah. NOT “i am who i am”. you are thinking of Exodus chapter 3 and god was not saying that was his name. he was saying he can become anything to all people. Yahweh was originally in greek tetragammaton YHWH. only consonants. in english the Y and W are given J and V sounds and this comes to the english Jehovah.

  • coskel

    more Utah funny –
    click on my name or:

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    God is a Jewish Mormon Catholic Protestant?

  • Holly

    That’s amazing.. I’m going to nominate you for Nikon photographer of the year. Although, I’m not sure that they have that category but I’ll try for ya!

  • SJ

    If Dooce took a pic of a piece of shit, you guys would love it, call it art and go nuts over it.

  • U.B.

    Shiz — I don’t have a problem with B & J going through normal human stuff. And, I’m sure if I knew them personally, I would feel for them.

    But this jock-sniffing fascination with them because they hit the gene pool looks lotto, is baffling to me.

    And, believe me, I have *way* better reasons for earning a smiting than not giving a crap about two complete strangers breaking up in the tabloids.

  • andrea

    Indeed we would. Bring on the shit pics!

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Sorry guys, but I’m nothing but a Big FAT idiot.

  • Pete

    I’m with SJ. You all would. Now get a flippin life.

  • Meggan

    Ooh, a pretty blue picture again! I did suspect a filter, but the wrong white balance would explain that as well. I should try that sometime.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    What? There are pictures of shit? Why have I not been previously informed of this?
    Special request: a delicate portrait of fresh Chuck poop on the lawn at dawn.

  • Biblical Scholar

    PETE. You’re part right, part wrong. “Jehovah” is a misreading of the hebrew word.

    Also, see the New American Bible, and footnote 6 to Exodus, 3:14:

    “I am who am: apparently this utterance is the source of the word Yahweh, the proper personal name of the God of Israel. It is commonly explained in reference to God as the absolute and necessary Being. It may be understood of God as the Source of all created beings. Out of reverence for this name, the term Adonai, “my Lord,” was later used as a substitute. The word LORD in the present version represents this traditional usage. The word “Jehovah” arose from a false reading of this name as it is written in the current Hebrew text.”

  • andrea

    A flippin life?

  • Amanda B.

    Woah. It got vile in here.

    Step off my Shiz, yo. Let’s not have a fight about Brad and Jenn shall we?

    And yes some of us would love shit pics if they were of Dooce’s shit. Or *really really* not. Come on dudes, don’t be hatin.

  • Fran

    I think that means working at Burger King flippin’ burgers.

  • TKO


    Yes, like a nipple file.

  • LadyBug

    Dooce, love the latest “How to Charm Me” post. Leta gets bonus points if the physical therapist had to step away for a breath of fresh air.

  • Anita

    The fart post:

    I love when my son farts! He farts when he’s excited, surprised, holding his legs up in the air, lifted unexpectedly, rolling over and grabbing for his toes in the bath.

    I absolutely love his farts!

  • Darcie


    Heather, you may already have discovered this, but if you go to and enter your URL. . .it’s damn funny.

  • andrea

    Ahh, I understand.

  • Becca

    That picture is absolutely beautiful.

  • Carol

    I love when my boys toot. Especially my littlest boy. He just lets ‘em rip. He has no idea what he’s doing and I always laugh.

    We used to live in a duplex with a guy who had a 150 pound Rottweiler who was the sweetest dog. But he would monster fart very loudly and be all startled and protective and look behind him as if to say, “What the FUCK was that??!” It was hilarious.

  • TKO

    I farted at work once and basically shat my pants with a wet explosion.

    Did I get that right? Is the past tense “shat”?

  • Pete

    Napolean Dynamite you old farts!! Get a flippin’ life. Don’t ya’ll go see one ‘a dem movin pichers no more?

  • Carol

    Pete – whaddya mean?

  • LoriLaurieLauri

    Hey! Jesus H. Christ! Some friends and I were just,TODAY, discussing what the ‘H’ could possibly stand for in your name . . . so, would you mind sharing???

    Beautiful picture, Dooce!

  • Pete

    BIBLICAL SCHOLAR. Look at that link. It has some good information.

  • Peter

    no. it’s sharted.

  • TKO

    I’m quite sure it’s Humphrey.

  • sak

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous blue. and that light!

  • Fish

    Pete, are you by chance wearing slacks and a tie?

  • Girl.A

    Something smells pretty pungent and piebald in here.

    I don’t like going to yoga at one of my gyms anymore because there is a guy in there who ALWAYS rips one really really LOUD and I can’t help myself, I usually answer in kind.

  • Shiz

    Amanda B., I think I love you.

  • Pete

    no why? i don’t get it. i’m so confused. hmm what could you mean? i wonder….

  • Shiz

    Rock on, Fish! Was thinking that myself. Five points.

    And Girl.A, your fabuloso use of “pretty pungent and piebald” is not only a great example of alliteration, but also of vocabulary. Ten points.

  • Carol

    H=Holy (?)

  • Alena

    Thanks for fo’ the link to da Shizzolator. Shizzolated Dooce is worth reading.

    “Just now NBC preempted da “Today” show fo’ President Big Baby Bush’s announcement of da new director of Homeland Security…”

    President Big Baby Bush… braaawwwwk!!!

  • Fish

    Hep Cat, as in Jesus “Hep Cat” Christ.

  • Amanda B.

    Shiz- I have loved you since the great back hair incident of 2004!

  • Shiz

    I geekishly looked up the “H” question.

  • Shiz

    Amanda B., recognizing the back hair incident deems you 1,000 ponts. Want some Pez?

  • Carol

    My mom, sister and I went on a spa vacation and we were doing a “floor” pilates class. It was filled with all these fancy-pants women (who’d been eating nothing but salad and bran for a week) and the instructor had us in this pose that was making everyone fart. Except me and my sister. We were too busy laughing our asses off. Not two seconds would go by and some other well-bred lady would fart really loudly!! It was classic!

  • Carol

    H = Herbert?

  • moose

    Hep cat. I like.

  • Girl.A

    I am also a lover of the Shiz (someday I’ll tell you what your name reminds me of)…

    I like alliteration lately. I’m using it to disguise my urge to rhyme incessantly which can be a sign of mental illness. Damn, you should see my reports at work.

    *Piebald* is the word of the day. That’s what you get after going to the Wax Lady or using your Mach 3.

  • Fish

    Girl.A: You’re not really in trouble until you start using assonance in every sentence to lend and mend your ends.


  • Alena

    You said ‘ass’.

  • Amanda B.

    Girl A. & Fish- you are evil geniuses. And I love you.