I cannot decide what to call this photo, will you help me?

  • Julie

    Cold Heat

  • Laura

    I call it “Extremely awesome photo.”

  • http://www.danielleblog.com Danielle

    So, I woke up with part of a song lyric stuck in my head, and it kind of fits your picture (eerily enough)

    Raging Fire

    (kind of, being the operative phrase)

  • http://plazajen.blogspot.com Jennifer in Kansas City

    And From The Embers We Will Rise Again…..

  • Erin

    To piggyback on RockStarMommy’s contribution (which I like the most).

    The Burning Bush…in France!

  • Annie

    Wow, beautiful picture. What is the red in the background?

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/trjh trjh


    Aside from the smoke and the fire, and the tree in the foreground that would seem to be covered in snow or ice, I can see a bit of green as well.

    Never mind the geeky connotations.

  • http://sarcomical.typepad.com Sarcomical


  • http://nylrebma.blogspot.com amberlyn

    OR you could call it:

    Trees and Bushes That Look Black and White, with a Line of Red in the Middle that Looks like Fire, and a Little Patch of Green in the Lower Right Corner (but Closer to the Middle, Really)

  • SuggestiON

    The Burning OF Bush would illicit much more hope for our people.

  • Susie


  • Autumn

    Ring of fire.

  • RazDreams

    there’s already a daily photo titled “burning bush”: http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/12_06_2004.html

    my suggestion is “Dry, Itchy Skin”

    that’s a perfect picture of how my skin feels during the winter months…

  • RazDreams

    actually, after reading through all of the suggestions so far, i really really like “post-inauguration” the mostest, and it’s so appropriate, and methinks dooce will really like that one too, given the timing and the totally dry, chaotic-ness of the photo (and, also, of our nation).

  • http://honestyrain.blogspot.com/ honestyrain

    cheese sandwich on white bread

  • http://www.homedetentionlady.squarespace.com/ Home Detention Lady

    One big prick

  • http://www.socialsmoker.net lester

    branches holding back the scorching of autumn

  • Polly Ticks

    try saying this fast:

    IN AWE YOU GOOD NATION! (perhaps some kind of twisted and actually positive Bush-ism!)

    but then of course I would be talking about Australia….

  • Andrea in Canada

    I like *Suggestion’s* idea of “The Burning of Bush” but since that’s taken, maybe Fireside Photography…

    I think it looks like a painting! So much detail. Beautiful, Heather!

  • http://www.opennotebook.typepad.com Colleen

    The Truth About Nature

  • Dazed & Confused

    How about ‘Searing Frost’?

  • Torrie

    My vote is for The Burning Bush.

  • Lynn

    Bush Interrupted

  • http://shauny.org/pussycat shauny

    Flaming Twigs of the Apocalypse!

  • http://waveofmodulation.typepad.com/ La Pixiatrix

    Prickly Thicket

  • http://www.bellymotherbaby.com christyscherrer

    “Fire, Fire on the Mountian…”

    I’m not really all that old, but I did love a dead show Jerry was still around.

  • RazDreams

    Andrea in Canada: *The Burning of Bush* isn’t taken already; Burning Bush is taken. So, technically, that’s original and also timely.

    Maybe Dooce will tell us her favorite choice right before she closes comments tomorrow morning…

  • Suggestions

    hey screw you RazDreams, yes now Im getting territorial…”The Burning OF Bush” was definitely mine- a *Suggestions* original, thank you very much!

    and thats a frosty yet searing comment towards your demented Political FigureHead!…had you not noticed of course :-)

  • Heather and Jessie

    “Flaming Organisms”

    That’s right.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/leslielaverne les

    “Don’t make rain down burning fire on your asses!” -God

  • http://www.chuckpierce.com/sheri Sheri

    Who said “fire crotch”?


  • Heather and Jessie

    “Flaming Organism”

    That’s right.

  • http://lovemydox.diaryland.com ginger

    Prisoner in Orange Jumpsuit Streaking to Freedom

    Lame, I know.

  • http://www.biggaysam.blogspot.com Big Gay Sam

    Fire Island?

    Oh grrrl! That’s so 1985. :o p

    Damnit Dooce. It’s your pictures that make me miss Utah. Then I go outside and look at the wide open spaces in New Mexico and I’m so over it.

  • Dont Try This At Home

    okay, its my turn to go all Fabio on yo Ba-itches asses:

    “Branches of icy tenticles delve into her hot red lava lap”

    well just saying red lava lap over and over is fun, fun, fun!

  • tif

    Bloody Cold

  • http://www.queenalisha.com Alisha

    Ghost fire

  • Sarah L

    Brush Fire Fairy Tales

  • Winner

    Brittle Serenity

  • avey


    Well, I went out and got a tattoo yesterday in a fit of birthday desparation… and I have been breastfeeding. I have been planning to quit and wanted to know if with the tattoo I must stop right away or can continue to slowly stop. I was told to call a hotline… the are all closed on weekends!!!

    And I want to know ASAP about this. I just want to keep my baby safe.

    SOOOOO…. any ideas?

  • susie

    beginning of a do-over.
    i’m in l.a. where much of malibu gets a “do-over” about every 4 years.

  • han

    carrot juice creek? Nice pic as usual

  • Jacks Girl

    Sarah L- Jack Johnson rip offs will not be admitted into the naming competition…but my rather inspiring:

    “Charcoal and Papaya” will be.

    …and Avey: Im curious, what does a desperate-on-her-birthday-mother go and tattoo herself with?

  • Mary S

    Great picture! But what to name it?????? How about a simple title: OUCH! Don’t touch!

    Atleast that is what goes through my mind when I see it.

  • http://poupidou.blogspot.com taryn

    Forked Trees of Displeasure?

  • Cristin

    “spectacular organism’s”, of course

    also – avey where is the tatoo’s location? I don’t think it would really be a problem with breastfeeding unless you got it in your nipple….OUCH

  • avey


    A big ol’ flower.

    It was a long day too. My husband decides to tell me he has started smoking again, I find out my grandmother is going through heart failure, and my parents forgot to call and say happy birthday.

    So I figured… ha… why not!… and now I have to worry about this too.


    My baby isn’t awake yet, so I havent fed her yet today. I was hoping to find out before I know if I can pull out the booby or warm up the bottle.

  • http://solonor.com/blogger.html Solonor


  • avey


    It is on my left arm, fairly large though.

    I have heard mixed things about tattoos and breastfeeding though….

  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    “Landscape for the Ex-Mormon”

    Jon is adorable. An elliptical machine kicked my ass once and then talked about my mamma. I’m more of a treadmill type of gal. (read: big wuss)