Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Of the puppy.

A while ago Jon created a CHUCKACABRA desktop available for download here. It’s pretty awesome.

  • beachgal

    We still love Chuck, even if he’s trying to be all badass. You don’t fool us, Chuck.

  • Shazza

    ah HA! Victoria- great minds think alike..I asked the same thing a while back!

    ..and dammit, Im STILL wondering!

  • Dang cold…


    quick editing dooce :)

  • Caryn

    DANG I leave for a minute and I am way down on this list!

  • victoria

    How do you get Chuck to tolerate the Crest Whitening Strips?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Dooce the movie would be so Indie….poo musicals, bearded loves, depression gun fights.

  • Wicked H

    Happy Chuck Friday!!!!


  • Cathi

    Dooce – I felt the same way the first time my daughter ate her mac & cheese with a fork (while I stood right next to her, totally expecting her to poke her eye out). The thrill of progress!

  • RazDreams

    *Susie*: Instead, make the t-shirt read, “GEORGE! Ruff poop of France!!!!” (But that kind of sounds like I’m saying that GEORGE! is ruff poop. I’m sure he’s not ruff poop.)

  • megan

    grrr… fiesty! lol

  • Circus Kelli

    Charlotte said at 09:46AM, 01.28.2005:
    I thought the thumbnail looked like a tiny golf course where the little spot of reflection was the hole. Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night (sick baby).

    Et tu, Charlotte? Buddy was tossing and turning and whimpering off and on all night. I got up about a half dozen times to check on him and ‘retuck’ him before he woke at 4:30am.

  • dooce

    i read all these comments. trust me.

    the daily photo will be back tomorrow because today and most of this week has been consumed with planning Leta’s 1st birthday party which we’re having in about an hour, here in the living room.

    i think i’m going to have a heart attack.

  • africankelli

    WOW! This is the closest I’ve been to the top ever. And what the hell pissed off Chuckles?

  • Andrea in Canada

    I voted Dooce! Did you?….

  • RazDreams

    *dooce alert!!!*

    leta’s 1st birthday party!!! Wooohooo! that means lots and lots of party pix. hope she has a great time. Happy 1st Birthday(Party), Leta! :-)

  • issy

    Killer Chuck

  • Aaron

    Hmm. Small cute cujo anyone?

  • Evil Stepmother

    Yay for the NYT. 40,000? Holy crap. That’s, like, unimaginable.

    Loved today’s (well, yesterday’s) thumbnail – one of the ones that didn’t make it obvious what the pic was (forgot about Chuck Fridays). I thought it was a bowl with something in it.

  • Stephen McKenna

    Drop the pizza! NOW!!!

  • Big Gay Sam

    About the fraternity brothers doing naughty things in the shower… are there pics?

    I have the chuckacabra background on my work computer. :o p

  • dooceaholic: postscript


  • cursingmama

    It looks sooo scary – but I bet he’s really begging for pop tarts.

  • Harv D.

    I’m glad I am not the only one who has problems with the use of the word awesome.

  • Mary

    So, I think people are taking this whole Heather reading the comments thing a bit too seriously.

  • Matt in London

    Aaaarrrrggghhhh – scary.

  • Charlotte

    I thought the thumbnail looked like a tiny golf course where the little spot of reflection was the hole. Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night (sick baby).

  • Dang cold in Toronto

    How so Mary?? Hi Heather!! :D

  • jastereo

    Ruff is right… Go Chuck!

  • Gooooder

    Such big teeth, eep!

    And yay to Leta for waving, my nephew knows how now but will only do it when he wants to. It is the cutest thing ever when he does it.

  • 01234

    “40,000 dooceaholics? Four Army divisions? Holy crap. We could invade a small country.”

    “Book deal. If you publish it, it will SELL.”

    I belive that the agents are sniffing around already. We may hear stories about letter recieved, offers made. Silly offers. Silly money offers. Film rights.

    test area:

  • MezzoGal


  • Editrix

    Would that make him Count Chuckula?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Dooce the movie? hehehehe

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is this canina dentata?

  • Fran

    I was debating with myself (shhh, don’t tell anybody) whether that was a dog’s eye with tapedum lucidem reflecting light or an aerial view of your new, lighted jacuzzi.

    Chuch won out! Go Chuck!
    OF UTAH!!!!!

  • andrea

    But Dooce does read the comments, and even if she doesn’t, us doocelings have a ball here. So poo on you.

  • carmie

    such white teeth.

  • Pointy Charlotte

    Must get more coffee (waves bye bye)

  • dooceaholic: a tale of woe on a saturday

    no new picture…leaving work now…*gasp*…will have to…wait ’till…MONDAY…before…

    - dies -


  • ella’s ma

    ….and I looked into the hairy beasts evil eyes and saw…..
    myself, really tiny, on his eyeballs.
    The first time my daughter Ella waved, I almost soiled myself.

  • dooceaholic: a rebirth

    - crowd realizes i am actually breathing –

    commenter 1: “she’s alive!”
    commenter 2: “it’s a miracle!”
    me: “must hold on…cannot die because…no dooce is…INCONCEIVABLE…”

    - and with that i rise from the depths –

    all watching: *tear*


  • Anamarija

    Oh man… And the eyes! Spooky!

  • Carla Beth

    Your press is growing. How about a Press section on your blog so we can easily find your radio spot and other press items? And what’s this about Leta’s binky? Wait, what’s a binky again … the rubber nipple thing or her favorite blanket? I have cats. I don’t know these things.

  • oops

    That was supposed to say


  • Susie

    I’m making a T-shirt that says:

    Ruff Poop of France!!!!

  • TypoQueen

    Charlotte, thats a rather pointed comment dear..who exactly are you aiming such angst towards?


  • Southern Fried Girl

    Why no new pic today? This pic scares me a tad.

  • Andrea in Canada

    Haha Becky! I bet though if Leta saw Chuck do that she’d giggle!

    Chuck, you get poptarts when you ask “with your words”!

  • andrea

    I am going to make a Dooce t-shirt! Oh yes I am!

  • Pissy Britches

    Ok. Chuck you are usually so cute. But that scares me! Bad Dog!