Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Of the puppy.

A while ago Jon created a CHUCKACABRA desktop available for download here. It’s pretty awesome.

  • AJ

    I spy the Frog Princess in the New York Times!

  • Charlotte

    < >

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I stil wanna T-shirt. I am going to make my own and wear it around. All I need is some letter stamps and fabric paint. Yeaaaah Boy.

  • Circus Kelli

    Fish said at 09:20AM, 01.28.2005:
    Or, you could go the simple route: sweeeeeeet.

    You can even combine the: Dudical, that bitchin Camaro is sweeeeeeet.

    Fish: Duuuuuddde! Awesome!

    Heh, I heard Punkin (our 7 year old) say “Sweeeeet” the other day. Just that one word, like, totally blew me away, man.

    Mrs.Strizzay said at 09:22AM, 01.28.2005:
    That shit is mad hot no doubt.”
    Mrs.Strizz — You’re mad hot, no boubt adoubt it.

  • Amanda B.

    Sooo. Ok big time people reading this blog. How about working on a book deal for Mrs. Armstrong? Eh?

    Book deal. If you publish it, it will SELL.

  • Pixie

    LOL! Awesome photo! Thanks for a great laugh to start my day with.

  • s

    Leeeeta, like a pita.

  • Michelle

    Well poeple if you stop taunting him with whatever food you are dnagling above the camera. *wink*

    Have a nice weekend Chuck!

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Ok, thats what I said in my head, minus the pita part.

  • Jodi

    Since it is impossible for me to sit and read all of these comments I am going to post this assuming no one else has already.

    DOOCE has been nominated for the bloggies. If you haven’t already go vote!

  • LisaG

    I haven’t read all 431 posts ahead of me, so if I am redundant, my apologies, but I must comment that Chuck has some truly gorgeous teeth (anyone who has brushed dog teeth will understand…)

  • Melissa

    It was one of those moments that sort of freezes in time and you can barely breathe because LIFE is just erupting right there in front of your eyes and you can’t believe it.
    Delurking to say that this may be my favorite Dooce sentence yet.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    AAW Heather!! I want to squish Leta all up she is so cute! She has the thouroughly bored model look down pat! :0)

    And is it Lee-ta or Let-ta?? Or neither? Because I am still not over finding out it is Deuce instead of Doo-chee.

  • Laura

    I’m surprised no one’s made any mean comments about how Heather was going to dress Leta in a plastic bag. Maybe all the hate-mongers have finally learned that SHE DOESN’T REALLY DO THAT STUFF.


  • closet metro

    40,000 dooceaholics? Four Army divisions? Holy crap. We could invade a small country.

    I was oh so wrong, Dooce is not our Prom Queen, she is our Queen.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I prefer “Yo dawg dem rimz is sittin on 20z. That shit is mad hot no doubt.”

  • RazDreams

    Forty-THOUSAND of us read! *Sheezum-pete’s*, that’s a lot of people!!! And I’m the first to say that I SEE THE NERD WATCH in the NYTimes picture!!! :-)

  • jennay

    I think my little sister and the kid across the street and I invented dudical circa 1994…

  • Em

    Great picture of you and Leta at the NY Times. Also was happy to see Mrs. Kennedy mentioned. Y’all rule.

  • Fish

    Or, you could go the simple route: sweeeeeeet.

    You can even combine the: Dudical, that bitchin Camaro is sweeeeeeet.

  • carrie


  • Susie

    For the second time in one week, a big ol’ Southern YEEEE-HAAAA to Leta! Here’s wavin’ at YOU, kid!

    I’m not a big fan of AWESOME either, Harv, but let’s not be adjective censors. Anyhow, what you don’t want us doing is succumbing, not succombing. You want us to not suc CUMB; I would think it really wouldn’t matter to you if we’d suc COMB.

    As an older mom, somewhere between the ages of Dooce and the AWSL, I really can’t endorse telling mom to SUCK IT; but I strongly suspect that the “she could barely hear me” part is a significant detail in that story . . .

  • SpyGirl

    Phillip, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

    That actually worked, holy shit!!! Thats awesome, cant wait to use it more often…spread the word people and we shall no longer be pestered to register for endless crap just to advance to the next page…woohooo…Im in heaven!

  • Circus Kelli

    jennay said at 09:11AM, 01.28.2005:
    Circus Kelli said at 09:05AM, 01.28.2005:
    Fish said at 09:02AM, 01.28.2005:
    Harv D.: what about “Bitchin?”
    As in “Bitchin Camaro?”

    What about “slammin”?

    But what about “radical”, or “tubular”?

    Dudical was definitely “after my time”. As for radical and tubular, though, please… gag me with a spoon.

    (kidding jennay!)

  • jules

    amazing to see one of my fav little kiddos staring out from the ny times….

    adorable as always….

  • Shazza

    what a real little woman she’s turning into…not only does she now wave, but we havnt heard one ‘missing sock’ story for months!! GO LETA, YOU WAVING, FULLY SOCKED GO-GETTER!

    we love you

  • Anita


    I just opened up nytimes and saw the article for tomorrow’s paper!!!

    What’s amazing is that I recognized leta’s picture immediately!


  • Kate

    So, am I the only one who keeps reading the titles of the posts and automatically jumps to the conclusion that dooce is giving up blogging? Especially today…I’m so glad it was a post about Leta’s terrific milestone and not how Heather is giving up the ghost and hates all of us.

  • Philipp

    For all those who don´t read the Times on a regular basis and so don´t want to create an account – try this:

  • barbie

    you think waving is fun, wait until they *crawl*…you will totally freak out bc it’s both exciting and full of dread, bc life as you know it is OVER

  • haplys

    Yay! My computer is apparently still logged into the NY Times site from when my best friend was visiting a few weeks ago and I didn’t have to subscribe to see Leta. :)

  • jennay

    oooh! Or another favorite: “dudical”

  • Cora’s mommy

    Holy shit Dooce, you are sooo famous. The NY times thing is way too cool! I saw it and I was all, “Hey look guys I know that baby!”

  • jennay

    Circus Kelli said at 09:05AM, 01.28.2005:
    Fish said at 09:02AM, 01.28.2005:
    Harv D.: what about “Bitchin?”

    As in “Bitchin Camaro?”

    What about “slammin”?

    But what about “radical”, or “tubular”?

  • s

    Gonna buy five copies for my mother!

  • AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    My, how chucks teeth have grown since Jons First Chuckacabra

    Oh and I got all goosebumpy and chills came across me when you announced Let had waved! Oh that is so spectacular, I am so proud of her!


    My daughter is now 5 and half months old and growing her first two teeth and I feel like the best mother on earth because MY BABY IS GETTING TEETH! I cannot wait to feel what you are feeling now when my own baby girl does her first wave. Now, just wait till they get their first period… GAH!! I shutter to think.

  • Fran

    The NYT should have an increase in online membership after today thanks to because if you don’t subscribe (like I just did), you can’t view the picture of Leta.

    That’s one adorable child!

  • z

    Your dog is so hot!

  • Cootera

    Heather, I don’t know if you read all these comments or not, but I HAD to write in. It’s Saturday morning, I’m drinking my coffee, logged onto the NYTimes site and as I was scrolling down, lo and behold… a picture of a most angelic sort. I stopped… did a double take, and said out loud “Holy shit, that’s Leta!” I’m sure you all know about the NYTimes article, but it caught me unawares and totally made my day! Have a great weekend, you Armstrongs you!!

  • laurie

    awwww way to go Leta!

  • Fish

    Fuck Yeah! Parental self absorption! Whoo Hooo! sometimes I forget I even have a kid, I’m so self-absorbed!

  • Sarah

    That is totally awesome that Leta waved. I mean, totally.

    And telling your mom to suck it? AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

    I think AWESOME is totally underused.

  • m

    DOOCE in the NY times! leta in the picture!)

  • Dee

    You guys have to see this site:

    Love Chuck Dooce!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Doesn’t Leta look like she should be *reading* the NY Times in that picture?

  • Winc.Inc

    That is AWSOME!! Leta is living her life with the element of surprise.
    “you never know what I’ll do next”
    Maybe she works for the FBI

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Thanks Kel :0)
    Spoon, that was my I just worked all night and goddamn I am sober self.
    Yes, I can be quite comical while shitfaced.

  • Holly

    Here he comes to save the day!!

  • mg2

    love love love that photo in the times.

  • Circus Kelli

    Fish said at 09:02AM, 01.28.2005:
    Harv D.: what about “Bitchin?”

    As in “Bitchin Camaro?”

    What about “slammin”?