Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Of the puppy.

A while ago Jon created a CHUCKACABRA desktop available for download here. It’s pretty awesome.

  • anon

    scary all right

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Yeah Leta!! I bet it was the cutest thing ever!!

    My daughter saw that pic of Chucks and was scared. She said EEW I am trying to eat, why are his eyes green? Just eew!


  • kel_in_OZ

    Henryk_DTG2050KJAN05 – :) I was sympathising with poor Mrs Strizzay who was locked out at the time.

    Yeah! It should be a good match!

  • Stacy

    Oh! Congratulations Dooce and Leta!

  • kadoody

    Don’t know if it’s already been said since there’s way too many comments to actually read every one, but nice photo of Leta in the NYTimes.

  • Fish

    Harv D.: what about “Bitchin?”

    As in “Bitchin Camaro?”

  • Philipp
  • Suki

    Pic of Chuck on a Friday, great combo. And props to Leta!

  • Henryk_DTG2050KJAN05

    Poor Kelc…..being ignored again! huh…whaht did you say again??? _ Go Leighton!!!!!

  • Harv D.

    Great wit and humor. Very courageous site. Please do me a favor. Do no succomb to the abuse of the word awesome. You seem to be beyond that.

  • kim

    T.J. Maxx is her tequila.

    heather b. armstrong, i love you (and t.j. maxx — one of the reasons besides old navy and ceasars salad that’ll make leaving my home country/continent a little easier. who needs childhood friends of 16 years and family when there’s such things as t.j. maxx and old navy?)

  • Circus Kelli

    Leta waved! That’s fantastic! Sometimes those little mini humans are the coolest things on the planet, no?

    Buddy started blinking at us in response to us blinking at him. To other people, it’s no big deal “So what? The kid blinks…?” To the parents it’s “THE KID BLINKS AT US ON PURPOSE!”

  • Krissy

    Wow, Chuck looks like a hound from hell. Nice pic!

  • Wicked H

    There you go Dooce, the waving milestone you and Jon got to experience together.

    Woo hoo!! Go Leta.

  • DTG2045KDEC05

    and I hope that you floss as well!

  • GOD


  • jelene

    dude, that chuckie pic is so scary. it’s giving me memories when a big huge sheepdog jumped on top of me when i was 5 and bit through my left hand. they said i would never be able to use it again ever. i proved them wrong by typing ever so quickly now at my keyboard. i’m awesome.

    your shop-lifting story, reminds me of seeing 3 girls swipe a wad of lipsticks and makeup from a dollar store awhile back. one girl paid for one item and they all walked out. i told the cashier, “those girls just stole a ton of stuff.. you may want to catch them.” and she looked at me like, “why in the hell should i care?” and said she couldn’t do anything about it because of some law, once they are out of the store, they can’t catch them. what kind of dumbass thing is that?? hell, let me go steal a few cars, as soon as i leave the parking lot, i guess i am home free….

  • Tori

    I can’t believe you told the Avon World Sales Leader to suck it! That is insane. I told all my coworkers to suck it when I won a Barnes and Noble gift certificate at the company party. This was of course after several FREE glasses of vino and 2 hours of poker. I realized my mistake seconds after “k itttttttt”, it was one of those slow-mo moments.

  • Lesley

    Chuck, with his beautiful teeth and gums, could be a poster boy for dental health!

  • Em



    Annejelynn, don’t worry, there’s a lot of douchebags out there. Don’t let them get you down, I mean dooce herself did say do what you will with the comments. As long as you don’t bash family or friends of course, because then you’re just an asshole.

    And you’re not an asshole.

  • koof

    she waved!!!!

    that’s all i have to say. GO LETA!!!

  • kelc_in_OZ

    # Sarah said at 12:35AM, 01.29.2005:

    Surely I’m not the first to notice Leta staring back at me from the NY Times main page. The story (registration, blah blah):

    Awww Leta looks so beautiful in that picture :)

  • rockandrollchick

    Hi Leta! I’m waving at you!!!!
    You rock little one.

  • Visvoice


    Anyone with a heart can tell you’re a wonderful mother, a brillaint writer, and a woman with soul. Your off-beat smarty-pants humor is a gift. To hell with anyone who puts your down. They have no clue about how brilliant and gifted you are. You have a give for the aunthentic, and believe me, it resonnates. Your irreverance is so incredibly refreshing.

    Good for you, strong, strong woman.

  • Dang cold in Toronto

    I don’t want to be buried in a Pet Cemetery,
    I don’t want to live my life again.
    I don’t want to be buried in a Pet Cemetery,
    I don’t want to live my life again.

    Dee Dee Ramone…

  • Sarah

    Surely I’m not the first to notice Leta staring back at me from the NY Times main page. The story (registration, blah blah):

  • Fish

    Hungry like the wolf …

  • http://Okie Melanie / Okie

    Church has nothing on Chuck Dang Cold..

  • Cristin


    Heather, you’ve just GOT to get pics of that for us pathetic voyeurs. I can just picture her looking from jon, to you, and thinking, “what the heck? Let’s let them see my brilliance!”

    heh heh

  • http://Okie Melanie / Okie

    I have been looking at the other blog sites up for the awards and they are absolutly nothing compared to this…. I have been a Dooce adict for about 2 months now and thought there might be something else great out there and well there is not…. Love you guys ;)

  • trucmuche

    Cujo Jr.!!

  • Fran

    Isn’t a “chupa” something you can order at Taco Bell?

    Good night, all!

  • jessie

    Hahahaha, what a perfect picture. I love it.

  • Fran

    OOooooh my goodness! Puppy teeth! The Young Former Congressman is adorable in the downloadable “Chuckabra” picture.

    I hope the Tooth Fairy rewarded him handsomely when he lost those teeth.

  • Honey Bunny

    i love the little baby doggie teeth in the desktop that jon made. now that he’s got grown up dog teeth, he’s a little skeery!

    heh. just kiddin’. i love chuck.

  • Fran

    Would somebody please let Mrs. Strizzay in?

  • Katie

    Hurray for Leta waving! I personally am a sucker for the Leta stories, so keep ‘em coming. Those cute stories are what keeps me coming back to your site.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    They can totally SEE me. Whatever, they wil be blowing my pager up tomrrow.


  • kari g

    Drop the poptart and walk away verrrrrrrrrry slowly and no one gets hurt…..

  • spoonleg

    Mrs. Strizzzzzz, are you drunk or what? You just said, “I see you bitches in there,” and I think I crapped my pants laughing so hard. If you ARE drunk, would you please come over and share with me, because I think you’d be an awesome drinking partner.

  • al(DENTAL)

    Chuck looks like he goes to the dentist every 6 months. Great oral hygiene for a dog, I don’t have patients with that great a smile. Doggie Extreme Makeover hmmmmm maybe a TV deal in this for chuck…..

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    *taps on the glass*

  • mg2

    the best part of that story was when you told the Avon World Sales Leader to suck it.

  • Dang cold in Toronto

    Awesome pick I must proclaim. Still think its a scene straight out of Pet Cemetery a la Stephen King. Those green eyes of Chuck!..yikes!

    Sweet Saturday sleep in….good night all.

  • Fish

    So, I just saw the movie “Alien,” and I still think Sigourney Weaver has a horsy-face (don’t call me a hater, she DOES).

    What’s my point? I’ll tell you. Doesn’t it look like Sir Chucks-a-lot’s entire jaw is about to detatch and extend like the creature in Alien?

  • kelc_in_OZ

    I hate it when people pretend not to hear you….

  • kristine



  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I _see_ you bitches in there.

  • jennay

    Yes, Claire, that doggie gots his teeth out…