Just a few hours before our lives changed forever

Happy Birthday, Little Frog

  • http://ellabellababycakes.modblog.com ella’s ma

    That is a beautiful newsletter.
    Happy Birthday to Leta. And congrats to you for making it one year with your spirit and sense of humor intact.

  • LisaG

    How many kids get birthday wishes from hundreds of sincerely loving strangers – how great is that?

    Add mine: Happy Birthday – Leta, I hope you always feel this loved!

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    I smell Fritos.

    Chuck Friday must be nigh. . .

  • yndy

    (¯`’·.¸.·:*°•°*:·.¸.·’´¯)Happy Birthday Leta!!!(¯`’·.¸.·:*°•°*:·..¸.·’´¯)

  • GinaKay

    Happy Birthday Leta!
    Happy ‘BIRTH’ Day Heather!

  • Kristen

    Beautiful Newsletter! Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Laurie

    Heather & Leta
    Happy Birthday Leta!!! Congratulations Heather!!!
    My friend Kristi turned me on to your blog, and I am obsessed. Your daughter is so lucky to be so loved by her parents and thousands of strangers.

    I want to thank you for writing the story of your life. I am of the childbearing age and am scared to death to have a child. I to suffer from anxiety and am taking a ssri. Just hearing your story makes me think, I just might be able to do it(have a child)…If Heather can do it, Damm it so can I.

    Enough babbling. Congratulations Heather on your triumph of parenthood. (BTW I am a Labor and delivery nurse and laughed so hard I cried at your labor story.)
    Leta is lucky you have you for a mother.

    ~Laurie in CA

  • jennifer

    Happy birthday, you precious girl!! Thank you and your momma and daddy and the Former Congressman for letting us out here in cyberspace share in your first year of life. We are all proud of you and your family and hope the very best for year two!

    Your momma may have been “dooced” because of this website, but we’ve been “frogged,” and the definition for that is enchanted by the Amstrong’s little frog because of this website ;)

  • http://blog.case.edu/dkh2/ Keith

    Darn it! Here I am, pushing 44 this summer and I go and read today’s entry that takes the form of a letter to your angel-faced progeny. I’m pushing 44, shooting blanks, and you go an make me want to have the plumbing redone and start getting the Mrs. pregnant! If you weren’t so full of love I’d say you were positively evil.

    Oh, and, Happy birthday Leta!

    BTW, Thanks for the great photo work. My current desktop walpaper is your Wasatch Front from 09-Jan-2005. You really need to compile a CD full of high resolution images to $ell and fund somebody’s college fund.

  • http://girlinformme.com gabbie

    holy crap, your daughter’s birthday is the same as mine. i’m sure that is just as exciting to you as it is to me. heh. today i can drink legally and leta ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD. hippo birdie to us.

  • yes I’m blonde

    Happy Happy Birthday, Leta! You go girl!

    PS Mommy has very nice legs for a pregnant woman about to give birth. You wore it well, Heather!

  • M

    wow. Just… wow. Happy Birthday, Leta!

    In about 12 years you won’t believe this.. but your parents are amazingly wonderful people, and you are incredibly lucky to have them. (the entire internet is jealous that you have such cool parents, ok?) (well, ok, maybe not the ENTIRE internet.. but all the bits that matter).

    Dooce & Jon – thanks so much for sharing her! (and everything else.. some things more than good taste permits.. but then again “good taste” is highly overrated and should be ignored if the story is funny enough)


    ps to Trance – DAMN YOU for mentioning Dooce; now I have YET ANOTHER blog I must read obsessively ;-)

  • Cristina

    DAMNIT!! Stop making me cry with your freakin newsletters!!!

    just kidding. I live for them–they perfectly capture why people keep having kids, despite the pain and the trouble

  • http://karinka1.blogspot.com karinka

    How wonderful! Dooce, you make me want to have children, and I haven’t yet met the person I want to have children with. I think your writing about Leta is so beautiful.

    Happy birthday, Leta!

  • LeChico

    happy birthday little leta!

  • LetterB

    February 3rd is my favorite day of the year since it is my birthday as well. I was so thrilled when it became Leta’s birthday too because it really is a good one. She shares it with Gertrude Stein, Fran Tarkenton, Paul Auster and Morgan Fairchild. So signs are good that she will be a campy sexpot postmodern poet with a mean sprial pass. Oh la la!

  • MKN

    Ack! Am crying like a baby over here. Heather, thank you for expressing so eloquently so many of the things I feel every time I look at my beautiful babies and their oh so wonderful father. This motherhood thing is an amazing wonderful adventure fraught with dangers and delight. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Enjoy this special day. Happy Birthday Leta!

  • http://ningx.operaglasses.org ningx

    I hope you’re glad your life changed because of a little frog called Leta. :)

  • Slim

    Go Leta it’s your birthday
    we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday
    gonna sip bicardi cause it’s your birthday (really didn’t need a reason for that).
    Happy 1st Birthday little one I wish you love, laughs, and all the icecream your tummy can handle.

  • http://www.betterdayscrafts.com andrea

    Happy Birthday darling Leta! Much love to you and your awesome mom and dad, and Chuck too!

  • wendy

    Happy Birthday, Leta!

    God be with you every day of your new year!

  • bignik

    Happy Birthday Leta!

    Thanks to your mom’s wonderful writings, I’m going to give my daughter some extra hugs today… just because.

  • http://kerriesplace.co.uk/weblog kerrie

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com spoonleg

    I was hoping to be first on Leta’s birthday.

    So very, very close.

    Happy day of Birth, little chickadee!

  • Annie

    Happy Birthday Leta!

    Thank you, Heather, for your honesty. Happy Birthday to you too.

  • Torrie

    I wish I could say something profound so that you could understand how much I have enjoyed watching you grow up this past year, but there are no words, so Happy Birthday Leta!

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com JulieT

    And, kudos to the New York Times for printing the story.

  • http://elizabetht.blogspot.com elizabetht

    happy birthday, leta!

    ps. that was an absolutely breathtaking letter.

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    okay, i am self-voted “least likely to cry at a friggin’ blog post,” but after reading that 12 month update i’m all blubbery and shit. gah.

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com JulieT

    The Internet is a better place because of this site.

    Children are better off because of moms like Heather.

  • http://veronicalynne.com veronicalynne

    i can’t believe it’s been a year already! happy birthday little leta armstrong! may it be a very happy one indeed.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/knile/ Neil

    Happy birthday, Leta! And congratulations to Dooce & Jon & Chuck

  • Lesley

    Lovely daughter, lovely mommy. Leta’s a very lucky girl to have such parents.

  • Annejelynn

    Mmmkay, fellow Doocelings and all you lovers-of-lil’ Leta, it’s the last day to submit your votes! The polls close today @ 10PM EST.

    vote dooce! -she’s got 4 BLOGGIES nominations!


  • http://www.anti-aliased.net Jaia

    I can’t believe you’re looking over at that monitor and NOT at Janet Jackson’s nipple!

    I’m sorry, I’m just being an ass. Beautiful entry, Heather, and happy happy birthday to you, Leta!

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/ The Old Broad

    Happy Birthday sweet Leta! Hope you had fun today!

  • http://blogs.lefebvre.us/wendee wendee

    Happy Birthday Leta!! Go easy on your mom this year. This is the countdown to the terrible twos!

  • http://www.apeymonkey.com christa

    happy birthday, leeeeta! thanks for making me cry at work, dooce.

  • mg

    happy birthday!

  • http://www.heaven.com God

    Dear Heather,

    You’re welcome.

  • Abi

    Happy Birthday Leta. You should always remember how much your parents love you!

  • Tasha

    Happy Birthday Little Leta

    It was about a year ago I started reading this site and I’ve enjoyed reading the chronicles of the Armstrong family so much. Best wishes for an even happier, healthier second year in Leta’s life.

  • http://sunday.sectionx.org Seven

    Holy friggin’ Christ Heather make me choke up a little bit. And I’m not a cryer.

  • http://www.greenyamo.com Jeff

    Happy birthday, kiddo.

  • Pass the Kleenex

    Happy 1st Birthday Leta!
    Dooce, this newsletter is among the most touching tributes I have ever read. I am crying tears of happiness for you as well as tears of sadness for me, as my husband and I have been unable to have a child. Enough of that..
    Congratulations on 1 year of Parenthood, Heather and Jon!!
    Here’s to many more!!

  • Jillian

    Must join with the choir and say…


  • http://kelly.typepad.com/kelly/ Kelly

    I don’t know how you do it, but every single time I read a monthly newsletter from you, I ball like a baby….
    WOW! And thank you!

  • http://nonstandardized.com/pao2 pao

    happy birthday Leta!

  • Annecat

    Happy Birthday Leta! And Heather & Jon – thanks for sharing.

  • JulesinTulsa

    I share a birthday with Leta!!! Happy Birthday baby girl! You are wonderful and perfect in everyway… and, oh so beautiful. The only bad thing about a birthday in February, is that you can’t have a swimming party… bummer when you’re young.