Phone War

Beth taking a picture of me taking a picture of her with Jon’s cell phone. I think it’s time I get my own cell phone, but then people could call me and I’m just not ready for that.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    My husband and I keep one of those pre-paid joints just so whomever is out and about can be reached or get help if need be. We don’t really socialize so no worries of folks calling.

  • that-andrea

    I love checking in here and seeing the photo of the day! Just came back from walking dogs at the shelter and picking up their poop, so the conversation here (as usual) is tying in nicely with my day so far… POOP!

  • Lala

    I hope the lateness of the post means you’re sleeping in on weekends.

  • Danielle

    ugh. I really don’t like the photo quality of camera phones.

    While it seems like it might be fun to have the option of someone’s pic pop up when they are calling you, trying to use the camera function in place of a ‘real’ camera is just … well…
    not pleasant.

  • Danielle

    sorry, popping, not pop

    me speak good.

  • Teresa

    cell phones bring pain. just don’t.

  • Dang Cold…

    I’m so not first…

  • kerewin

    I love the graininess (is that a word?) of those phone photos. It reminds me of some black and white film I bought in Prague. How I wish I could get more of that film!

    Wow, how did I start talking about myself? Looks like it was a fun morning!

  • Stephen McKenna

    Just think, with a cellphone you could call people from ANY TOILET IN THE WORLD!

  • Maeby

    I thought it was someone toking up… before i read the bottom i mean. heck yes

  • Superplum


    Maybe everone’s sleeping off their anal-filled Friday night.

  • Superplum

    Ha! Anal-filled.

  • Em

    She looks so determined!

  • Stephen McKenna

    “I make cellphone calls every day with a ‘Dooce branded phone’.”

  • wendyinBC

    wow..there’s only been 26 commenters..usually by this time the Dooce is up to 100ish..I guess Heather’s figured out how to make us all be very, very quiet…mention ANAL SEX…

  • Wicked H

    With all the recent fame ( and hopefully fortune) you may need to avoid the cell phone. Good call Dooce.

  • Kassi


  • Cassie

    …I agree with the comment mentioned above about waiting. They probably have something all designed and ready to go that trumps anything and everything else. But, of course, they’re waiting for what’s “new” to sell and then the next version will be released.

    Cynical? A bit..

    But anyway, interesting picture!

  • Nomad

    I’ve been torn over whether or not to get a cell phone with a camera. The thought alone is tempting, but I have a camera. Several actually… yet the cell phone cameras call out to me.

    I’m not a big cell phone talker. It makes me uncomfortable. Somehow, if I could take pictures, it seems to me it would make up for the lack of talking on the cell phone.

    I don’t know.

  • Mir

    Hmmm, I’m hard-pressed to determine which looks more sinister: Beth’s face, or the perspective-enlarged camera-gripping fingers in the left of the frame. Eeeek!

  • Cristin

    good point, sweetny, she almost looks mean.

  • Gia

    I love how your last post (the one about the anal..) was right beside a Google ad for Mormon Stories.

    I’m all about the humour…

  • Teja

    16th? Wow what the hell is up with all the first comments? It’s just as worse here as is over at /. (eh. maybe not)

  • David

    8th, 9th … don’t mind, just a pleasure to be here.

  • Kristen

    I agree with Jennifer in KC – wait until they come out with one that had better quality. (that being said the above picture is pretty good!)

  • Joana

    Sorry, I meant “little”, obviously. Give us more Leta, okay?

  • sweetney

    this may very well be the only picture ever taken of beth that manages to make her look sinister.

    no mean feat, spanky.

  • Ronda

    I love taking random pictures with my phone.

  • Superplum

    I concur with the nightvisionness. Are they in Special Ops or something? I kind of like it though. It makes Dooce and Beth look dangerous.

  • Cristin

    Dear Dang,

    heh heh heh


  • Joana

    Where’s the Litle Lady? We want more Leta, lots of her! :)

  • laura copeland


  • Badger

    Whoa, Beth looks kind of evil there.

  • Jen

    Cell phones are like annoying kids in restaraunts. When you see them, you say to yourself, “My kids will never be like that.”
    But then you have kids and realize that they’re just like that, or get a cell phone and find yourself calling someone because you just had to tell something you didn’t get to five minutes ago when you were eating lunch together.
    (I lied, I was 4th.)

  • August95

    I always love Camera Wars

  • Jen


  • Red


  • Jennifer in Kansas City

    Whoa. Is that a nightvision phone?

    Wait ’til Nikon makes a camera phone, Heather. That’ll be the one for you.

  • claire

    me first, or not

  • Marcia

    love the pictures

  • Shiz

    That photo is very, very cool. As is the new design. ROCK. ON.

  • mg2

    PINK PANTY BELLY RUBS?! Uppercase GOD, you’ve finally heard my prayers.

  • Sarah M

    You have Victorias secret! I am so jealous. We have no such thing over here in Australia and it saddens me greatly. *loves VS*
    Like the new b/g too btw.

  • becca

    I seriously think everyone has one of these photos in their cell phone. It’s like back in the early 90′s, where EVERY family who had a video camera had footage of that dad filming another video camera dad, and they’re laughing about how clever they are. Heh.

  • max

    Looks like it a site of guys who making money showing they “underwear”.
    In our they they want be fired, just bitted and I think with legs to.

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Someone prolly wrote this above but: Don’t give anyone your cell phone number. I don’t. And don’t call anyone else’s cell phone. That’s how my parents got my number.

  • copy_kitty


    Your new flag was fabu! (It’s back to the old one on my screen—technical problems, I imagine.)

    And “DORK” is like an exclamation point at the end of your page.


  • Henryk_ Sun@1802Sydney time

    Midnigh……the witching hourrrrrrrrr

  • copy_kitty

    Dang Cold.. (still two dots):

    You know, I am a Neil Young fan.

  • Henryk_ Sun@1802Sydney time

    ……….still searching for that heart of gold????