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Redneck woman

About an hour ago Leta and I were eating carrots, and she bit the top off of one and has been rolling it around her mouth ever since. She looks like she has cheeks stuffed with chewing tobacco. Occasionally she’ll start to jabber, “Leoddely odddely ooooh,” and it will pop out like a golf ball [...]

I don’t need to hear you say that if we weren’t so alike you’d like me a whole lot more

Did anyone else see Anita Baker’s taped down nipple on the E! Grammy pre-show last night? I get a lot of email asking me why I don’t update my Listening section very often, and I promised myself before I had a baby that I would never use this excuse, but: I had a baby. Before [...]

Hugs and Kisses

Leta giving a little love to Izzy.