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JAY WON “PROJECT RUNWAY” ! WOOO! HOOOO! That was Prime Time validation. An Artist winning for being an artist. I AM SO HOOPPPY.

An entry about my dog that includes not one word in all caps

Since Leta’s nap schedule has become less of a schedule and more of a torture regimen, getting Chuck out of the house for walks has become difficult if not impossible. We’ll occasionally get him out to a park and let him run his skinny ass off, but even that happens about only once or twice [...]

A List of Things I Need to Get Done That Probably Won’t Get Done Because I’m a Stressed Out and Overwhelmed Mess of a Flake

1. Clean out the basement of all our collected and useless detritus so that when Heather and Maggie come to visit they don’t flee in horror at being unknowingly lured onto the set of “Sanford and Son.” 2. Pluck my eyebrows, they are scaring the children. 3. Thank Kahli for the “Bite Me” t-shirt she [...]

In the South that would indicate a tornado was a comin’