An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Already starting to feel the pain and it was only 9:45 in the morning

  • Matt in London

    Chelsea – how bloody dare you!!!!! No – only Charlton for me…..

  • Jo

    Lilla, Sshhhh. lol.

  • minxlj

    Not another one!! My boss is a Charlton fan. It’s all we get to hear about!
    Apologies, that’s probably as bad as calling me a Sunderland fan (spits on floor in disgust)
    LOL sorry!

  • Hi Clearly! What’s the chances of more than one Geordie on!!
    Of course this will all be lost on any non-Brits who don’t know what Geordies/Mackems etc are.
    Matt..hope you’re not a Chelsea fan *snigger*

  • Matt in London

    Jesmond – that’s the name of the area…that’s where I’m going at Easter…thanks for that – was bugging the hell out of me trying to remember 🙂

  • Lilla

    Jo – aren’t you supposed to be writing your dissertation or something??

  • Hey you little Minx! You’ve obviously not acquired a taste for chocolate dipped in wax. It’s quite tasty once you get that hang of peeling it. Hrmph.


  • Clearly

    Hi all the Brits!

    Minxlj I live in Newcastle too!
    I was gutted it hadn’t snowed more this morning so we couldn’t get to work!
    Hi Matt in London – it’s not an unusual thing for the Mackems to get beaten. I live in Heaton which is very near Jesmond where you stayed on Osbourne road.
    Up the Geordies!!

  • Jo


  • Lilla

    LRfrom Philly – thanks for the weather report, I must wrap up then.

  • Lilla

    C’mon guys, please fill me in: how did we end up talking about Jack Frost? Big bore, big shame.

  • Jo

    Is it me or is Hershy’s RANK. I admire the work Hersy’s sauce did in the filming of Hitchcocks Psycho though….

  • Matt in London

    minxlj – family in north yorkshire (pickering) and good friends from university in newcastle – so a chance to ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ so to speak as don’t get up there as much as I should…

    Unfortunately my days of boozing and falling over on the quayside / bigge (sp?) market are long gone…so you’re not missing anything 🙁

  • minxlj

    *LOL* OH now my computer’s had enough I think. Too much work.
    I’m going for (late) lunch 😀

  • Jo

    so its bein slow for you too, eh minx? LOL

  • minxlj

    Jo – that’s the only thing I don’t like about the US, the chocolate is crap. Cadbury’s rule!
    Lilla – glad you enjoyed it, it’s a must for winter isn’t it?

  • Squish–I’m sure you’re right!

  • Lilla

    Hi folks (Minx, Jo & others form London) back in the scene again. Thanks for hot choc w/ cream & mint tip from Minx, it was lush.

  • minxlj

    Possibly, Jon was so scared and bored to death by the crapness that is Jack Frost, that’s why he fell.
    Matt: seeing Sunderland get beaten is a worthy reason for anyone to venture up here. Whatcha up here at Easter for? (just in case I’m missing anything interesting!!)

  • Jo

    Lilla i’m just enjoying my own concoction of…er, coacoa and milk. Damn good tho!

  • Jo

    mmm-mmm that is one mighty fine cup of hot chocolate. I pity da fools that live in America and dont know the joys of Cadbury, i do, i pity da fools!

  • He was probably scared to death by the crapness of Jack Frost, and that’s what made him fall.
    Matt: outta curiousity, what you coming to Newcastle for this Easter? (Seeing Sunderland getting beat is a worthy excuse any day!)

  • 😉

  • But Jon doesn’t fall down!

  • Good morning! #210 – holy cow! This picture was posted early!

  • SusannaH:

    I guess he was just being artsy.

  • From the camera angle, I’m wondering if Jon FELL DOWN!?

  • Jo

    Bored? Of Jack Frost?? NEVER!

  • It is kind of a toss up between scared and bored…

  • Matt in London

    minxlj – last time I was in newcastle it was snowing…would have been 2 years ago now and I drove all the way up to stay in a cheap hotel on Osbourne Rd and go to see Charlton beat Sunderland… A great weekend 🙂

  • Now look what you’ve started Jo – there’s some serious snowman hatin’ goin on here. *LOL*
    I was too scared by the snowman to watch past the first 15 minutes of that film! Or bored to death, I forget which…

  • You look like you’re totally gonna thrash the snow though… so that’s something. 😉

  • Oh, I now have random nightmares about Michael Keaton from that movie. (Well, that and seeing Batman as a kid with an overactive imagination)

  • Jo

    Right, it’s definately Hot Chocolate time for me. Anybody else while im at it? Making Hot Chocolate that is.

  • Jo

    Obviously! That was no snowman mask he was wearing! Keaton actually IS a snowman. AN EVIL ONE.

  • Jo – haha no I did take a break to do some work! I’m working on updating a website so I can do this at the same time. But this is the longest I’ve ever spent on here!
    Matt – it snows ALL YEAR ROUND here. Or it’s so cold that you think you’re in the Arctic ;-D

  • I think possibly the worst moment of that movie is at the very end when Jack Frost the snowman magically turns into Michael Keaton’s ghost so he can say one last goodbye to his kid. It was at this point that I realized how much that snowman looks like Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton looks pretty evil, too, if you think about it.

  • Dooce…you bad ass!!!

  • Jo

    Yay. If i’m out and about i’ll make a hat with a banner out the top that says ‘Howdy Doody Matt!’

  • Matt in London

    minxlj – I’m gonna be in Newcastle at Easter…do you reckon the snow can last til then???

    Jo – I’ll hang a flag on the back of my car that says ‘hi Jo’ – just in case you’re out and about 🙂

  • Jo

    Minx have you been chatting the whole time i was handing my essay in?

  • dude. you did NOT take your D70 snowboarding, did you? tell me you took those pics with your older camera.

  • Jo

    I think i’ve started a bit of Jack Frost hate club. Go me!

  • Jack Frost was the kind of film where you sit through it and right at the end you say ‘did that just happen? did it?’

    office people are debating: ‘is it settling? i think it is…it’s not settling!’

  • Jo

    Matt, apart from when you drive through the water hole that is manchester. We can wave to each other though. lol.

  • Matt, you chicken. Not brave enough to venture as far North as me?
    We’ve got all the UK’s snow I reckon!

  • Okay, I thought that Jack Frost was just DREADFUL. Probably one of the worst movies ever. You are NOT alone.

  • Matt in London

    Lol – hello – I’m driving to Yorkshire via Manchester tomorrow (yes, the long way round) – looks like I’m going to get some snow after all…happy days 🙂

  • *dang cold lights a match*

  • LOL move outta the way, the Brits are here. 😀
    And Geordies beat you all hands down anyway!!!!

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