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Pillow talk

“How does mine sound? “It sounds like, knuuuooouuuuggghhh, peeeewww, knuuuooouuuuggghhh, peeeewww.” “It’s that fast?” “Yeah, sometimes I wonder how you can consume so much oxygen while expelling so little carbon monoxide. But you’re asleep so I don’t worry about you passing out.” “You mean carbon dioxide?” “Yeah, that one.” “Is it loud? You’d tell me [...]

Every man needs his monkey

Our Nikon D70 is getting fixed (sensor problem, grrr) and will be in the shop indefinitely. Thus, this vintage photo of Chuck at about seven weeks old. And that’s his stuffed monkey he used to carry around in his mouth on walks. Jon and I were listening to this comic the other night who made [...]