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Nico and his mama, Joanna, live in Japan. I’m insanely jealous of him because he gets to hang out with Harajuku girls.

If he ever loses us he can just follow the screaming like a trail of breadcrumbs

Someone once warned me that girls come out of the womb suffering PMS, and I feel a duty to pass along that gem of wisdom. Boys destroy things, girls cry about it. Leta’s case is not just marked by the usual irritability, though, but also by crippling indecision. She’s hungry but it takes so much [...]

Leahpeah Peehead

Sometimes the Internet is a marvelous thing, especially when it allows you to meet one of the most beautiful people in the world. You should read her book.

Clarification in response to a recent email

Subject: i like you, but… Email: “You are sounding like a bigot. Several weeks ago you had a post with an intolerant jab about ‘Prince being gay…’ [this post here featuring a diary entry I wrote at age ten that does nothing but show what an IDIOT I was] and today’s comment about ‘…all the [...]

Annie, when your friend, Andrea, reads this and calls to tell you about it I hope she at least mentions the cute diagrams

One very cool thing about living in Salt Lake City other than all the Mormons you can hit with your car is the grid system upon which the entire city is designed. Streets rarely have names here. Instead they feature coordinates like 450 East or 222 North. This eliminates the need to map out directions [...]

Fun with Pick Up Sticks

What an excellent day for an exorcism

Yesterday while pushing Leta through the grocery store in a cart that had a car fastened to its front I accidentally backed the entire 600 pound vehicle over my right foot. A woman and her child were waiting several feet down the aisle for us to move out of the way, and for the first [...]


Best friends forever or until one of them borrows the other one’s clothes without asking first, then not so much

Leta’s best friend, Izzy, came over last week so that her mother, Little Mormon Annie, could watch an episode of “Lost” on our TiVo while the girls imitated the sound of forty bats trapped in an echo chamber. Why Annie can’t get her own TiVo is enough of a subject FOR ITS OWN WEBSITE, but [...]

Not very good at hiding his cocaine habit